Vegetables that regulates blood sugar

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Vegetables that regulates blood sugar

Taro or potatoes bronchial vegetables that control blood sugar, but accused of causing the gases in the intestine and this charge is not true, but on the contrary they strengthen the friendly bacteria

Called the name of potato bronchial this plant in Morocco due to its similarity to the roots of the reeds, the name can be taken out for an Arab, is safe and they are subject to scientific basis, and plant taro potatoes bronchial plants autumn par excellence, and be in the October to December coincides plant taro to sweet potato sweet pomegranate, citrus fruits, quince and oak.

Potatoes are regarded as bronchial or taro vegetables of high nutritive value due to be installed, as one of the most important sources for sugar Alinolin classified with dietary fiber fermented, and provides the sugar compound, which consists of particles Alfrickm bacteria-friendly in the colon energy is known as an accident probiotics, and we know that These bacteria use the sugar Alinolin and some other components, including minerals such as manganese. Albivedos bacteria and is one of the biological agents that preserve the body from many disorders Alfeyziologip at the level of the colon. These disorders are malignant Alkolestiaurl reduce LDL in the blood. The sugar Alinolin of factors that stimulate the colon bacteria to produce some vehicles, including citrus and short-chain fatty acids that help the growth of bacteria Albivedos. This, coupled with atheist state of health, the more friendly bacteria were high as a person in good health.

Potatoes contain the bronchial Albotseyoum and Alvaeetmin C elements that need people with hypertension and diabetes, with a high proportion of dietary fiber the potato bronchial be the best food for people living with these diseases. Given the importance of the nutrients they contain potato bronchial they are among the foods that re-balance the body and helps to control diabetes and reduce blood pressure and clean the colon and stimulate the digestive system.

And potato bronchial involvement in feeding people with diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, constipation, anemia, joint pain, tooth decay and consume Kaaasir fresh or Kosherbp or Kkhaddrp, must be selected potato bronchial soft and should not be too long, to become soft or rotten.

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