Why do we yawn? !

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Why do we yawn

Researcher Frenchman considered that a yawn is a natural function in fact refers to an increase in activity, or even to a deep desire to change the subject. Why do we yawn a question raised by father "of medicine Hippocrates who lived in the fourth century BC, against himself, and also answered by explaining that yawns" expel the polluted air from the lungs "and restore blood flow to the brain.

This interpretation is quite reasonable, Valtthawb means a strong shift in the cycle of breathing. Where the size of the slot throat four times bigger than its size in normal times.

Usually associated with yawning sleepy and relax and feel more, the moment of impending sleep or an hour Alasiqaz am, as he was attending the moment feeling bored. Explains the science process of yawning as a means to enter the amount of extra oxygen to the brain to serve as an alarm clock forces the brain (however, this does not apply to fetuses. Has revealed the audio pornography that embryos. Beginning of the month third yawning to the point where it seems to the one that dismantled will take his place! And Nevertheless, the fetus did not pull the lower part of oxygen.

The process of yawning begins in the womb does not stop only with the end of the age.

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