Tips to avoid osteoporosis

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Tips to avoid osteoporosis

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Alazamekd Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is a devastating disease that already, but we can fortunately be avoided and their prevention. Here are some steps that can be adopted to reduce your risk for osteoporosis.

1 - Drink low-fat milk and skimmed milk and eat low-fat types of cheese because they are all excellent sources of calcium necessary for strong bones. The enhanced milk products containing vitamin D is also necessary to absorb calcium in the body.

2 - Eat fish such as sardines and salmon, because it is rich in calcium, with mackerel and other fatty fish species rich in vitamin D

3 - Eat green leafy vegetables because they contain lots of calcium, potassium and vitamin K necessary to prevent the loss of calcium from the bones. Make a lot of eating broccoli, chard and kale. Remember that bananas are very rich in potassium.

4 - Eat soy because it contains not only calcium but also on the Astroginat plant, and it seems it helps to maintain bone density. Replace the normal Btahin soy flour and use the roasted soy beans instead of peanuts.

5 - No Tafrti in dealing with proteins because high intake of protein may increase the elimination of calcium. He only eat 50 mg of protein, only every day, aware that we are getting almost twice this amount because of the contemporary style of eating.

6 - Eased the intake of caffeine and contented himself by drinking three cups of coffee just about every day because caffeine push the body to get rid of the calcium more easily. 7 Eat onions because the laboratory tests revealed that eating one gram of dry onion per day slow the process of disintegration of the bones by about 20 percent, mm thus limiting the access of osteoporosis.

8 - Stick to a regular program of aerobic exercise because it helps you to prevent loss of bone mass, and even that it might be a good way to strengthen the bones with age. When you improve the status and balance and flexibility, diminish your risk of falls and thus break the fragile bones. Tmrni at least 30 minutes, three times a week. Try walking, jogging, weight lifting, tennis, basketball and climbing stairs. But swimming is not useful in this area because the bones and muscles does the opposite of gravity.

9 - Examine bones at the doctor. Tests for measuring bone density is the only way to find out your risk of fractures and diagnosis of osteoporosis. Incumbent on all women over 65 years of bone density screening on a regular basis, as well as women who witnessed the menopause early or uncover a risk factor in osteoporosis. Some doctors recommend an examination every year to monitor the rate of loss of bone mass and to take preventive measures and treatment are necessary.

10 - Kissi height once every year at least. Ask your doctor to do so because the loss of two centimeters or more in length each year is early evidence of osteoporosis and fractures in the spine.

11 - Ikhaddai for treatment. Discuss with your doctor the circumstances and problems that may threaten your bone density and determine actions to be taken. It should be noted that some diseases, kidney and gastrointestinal tract, and some types of cancer, and the imbalance in the work of the thyroid gland affect robbery in bone density.

12 - Choose calcium. Needs of men and women to 1000 mg of calcium every day. But the recommended daily amount would rise to 1500 or up to 2000 mg after menopause in women and after age 65 years for men. Since most people do not have access to an adequate amount of food, they must deal with the supplements. But doctors are advised to eat supplements in two or three batches a day, with meals, because the body can absorb only a limited amount each time. Make sure to contain supplementing vitamin D which facilitates the absorption of calcium.

13 - Stop smoking. In the age of eighty years, revealing the bone density of smokers is less than 10 percent of non-smokers, which explains why they multiplier of hip fractures. Statistics indicate that the fraction and one in eight hip fractures in women associated with long-term smoking. The fractures heal very slowly in smokers, and tend to heal incorrectly.

14 - Avoid drinking alcohol. Valkamip, especially the big alcohol prevents the body from absorbing calcium as it should.

15 - Do not give up for depression, because this last push the body to produce cortisol, the hormone associated with stress that robs minerals from the bones. One study reported that women with depression uncover their bone density is very low. Check with your doctor to treat depression.

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