Baby breathing from the mouth cause allergies

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Baby breathing from the mouth cause allergies

U.S. researchers have warned parents of the problems and distortions that might be exposed to the child in the case of continued reliance or preference for breathing

Mouth instead of nose; which could lead to a lot of trouble when you do not stand a change in the sense of taste or tongue dry only. The researchers argue that non-nasal breathing allowed bacteria and foreign bodies of the body lead to serious infections and allergic reactions. The researchers pointed out that drugs used to treat allergies is not really effective in the long term, add to the effects of unwanted side. And reduces respiratory illegally nose to the lack of oxygen clean within the body, which affects how the quality of sleep, and this in turn is reflected on the child's performance and school performance, and extends in many cases to a child of frustration, which leads to a hyperactivity disorder or attention deficit.

The study, published in the latest issue of the journal "General Dentistry", to breathe through the mouth instead of the nose can cause many problems, including allergies and chronic inflammation in the ear, nose and throat, and may indirectly affect the teeth and jaws, and even in the form of face. For his part, Dr Yousef Jefferson, author of the study, "that the phenomenon of breathing through the mouth a medical problem affecting almost every family and need immediate attention, but unfortunately it is and B is not recognized", and correct the problem with surgery to remove tonsils and adenoids burning remains a bone of contention between doctors; researchers therefore stressed the importance of attention to the problem from the beginning.

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