Eggs in the morning for an effective

Publié par happy-diet jeudi 29 avril 2010

Eggs in the morning for an effective

Is that Rocky was right when he started his day with four raw eggs before attacking a jog through the streets of Philadelphia?

Researchers compared the effects of a diet (1000 kcal / day: which is very little) with breakfast including eggs, against a restrictive diet without eggs in the morning, for people aged 20-65 years .

After eight weeks, the group that ate eggs in the morning got a much better score. 61% decrease in BMI (body mass index) and more from the group having taken breakfast classics, better weight loss, decreased waist circumference, and 16% body fat and less.

In contrast, in a comparison group, where people were eating eggs in the morning but made no arrangements, no weight loss was observed.

In summary, the small egg-bf accelerates weight loss when combined with a restrictive diet. Rocky was right! ;-)

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