Weight loss with or without protein?

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Weight loss with or without protein?

With the approach of spring with the arrival of the first spring-summer collections in displays, many people are taking the lead on the famous "Spring system.

Going to change the strap of my sports watch in a shop, no less than three customers crowded around a saleswoman advocating protein to lose weight quickly and beautifully. The time to choose a color and handling, he had packed two, who went to checkout with their bucket of powder to mix ...

Proteins do they lose weight? No! It is said.
Rationale: The body absorbs between 0.8 g and 1.3 g of protein per kg of body weight every day (or for a person weighing 60 kg needs about 70 grams of protein per day). These molecules from plant and animal foods (milk, meat, soya, lentils ...) help build muscle and renew daily. Beyond 1.5 g per kg of body weight, these too abundant proteins are eliminated by the kidneys.

When practicing a sport with high intensity and requiring a large muscle mass (rugby, judo, weight ...), the body needs more protein food to keep his muscles. That's why bodybuilders and boxers swallow protein in addition to their daily meals, to help the body to maintain muscle mass.

But whatever happens, needs rarely exceed 2 g / kg body weight.

In contrast, a person normally active protein from a balanced diet sufficient to maintain muscle, even on a diet less than 1400 kcal / day. With two yoghurt, 200 g of chicken or fish, and whole grains each day, the daily dose is reached. Drink protein in addition to other meals would only overload the kidneys and increase the caloric intake of the day.

As for replacing a meal with a bag of protein at noon ... unnecessary to ask whether it is good or not ... Between a healthy dish, full of vitamins, minerals, flavors, friendliness and a glass of protein, but chemicals ... is quickly decided!

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