Reduce the salt one gram per day .. Reduces the risk of stroke

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Reduce the salt one gram per day .. Reduces the risk of stroke

Given the cheap salt in the German market, people have been Irashwnh last winter on the snow in the streets to reduce their risk of slipping, but this article cheap may cost dearly to human health when handling and over-exposing himself to diseases of the heart and circulatory system.

According to the magazine «German doctor» It offers free treatment, it is cheaper than the price of salt, for those who wish to avoid the risk of blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and stroke and the effect: reduced salt intake is 3 grams per day just to avoid this serious disease by more than 25 per cent.

The magazine cites the statistic of the German Ministry of Health says that the German per capita consumption of table salt remains relatively high, and displays this human disease, although less than the rate of consumption of other nations, such as the United States. Valolmani daily take on average 7.3 grams of salt, the highest consumption of salt from the German dealing with 6 grams of salt a day.

For its part, the Department of Health statistics show the U.S. that the U.S. deals with 10 g of salt per day on average (7.5 g in women), and is approaching this amount of weight a teaspoon of it.

Salt and stroke
According to Professor Heiner Jeritn magazine «German doctor» to reduce 1 g per day of daily salt will not harm the health of the German, but improve upon, and can be for such action in the United States to reduce the mortality rate due to blood pressure and strokes to a large extent.

According to statistical Jeritn, a specialist in metabolic diseases (metabolic) and Chairman of Cardiology Clinic «Askilubis» in Hamburg, the limit the consumption of salt quantity of 1 g per day can reduce deaths due to pressure, heart and stroke by 10 to 20 thousand cases in Germany per year. For comparison, the rate of deaths on the roads due to car accidents in Germany does not exceed 4160 cases per year.

Naturally, the reduction of salt also means reducing the proportion of overweight and suffering from diseases caused by lack of movement.

According to the figures of the Medical Association, there are 30 million Germans suffer from problems of high blood pressure, accounting for 40 of the population.

This percentage increases significantly to 50 per cent among women and men who exceeded the age of sixty years. Man suffers after the sixty-one degree or those who review the work of college career and this increases the salt concentration in the blood more.

A reduction in salt intake to save the lives of millions worldwide. The stroke, heart attack and stroke, the primary cause of death in China, which has a population of only 1.2 billion people. The Chinese government is now considering in the writing of the amount of salt in each meal in order to warn people of it.

Salt «hidden»
The immediate symptoms of blood pressure such as headache, fatigue and bleeding nose, the acute symptoms of «innocent» Compare long-term complications, which extends between the heart and blood circulation and sexual disorder, and visual impairment.

Sufferers are exposed to high blood pressure in Germany every year for 220 thousand stroke ends half of the departure of the patient. He added that legalizing Jeritn eating salt save human life, especially if accompanied with some exercise and reduce weight and balance of food properly.

Dangerous it is «hidden salt», which seep into the human body without his knowledge, since man is unable to estimate the amount of salt, which puts it in direct food, but is unable to estimate the amount of salt in sausages, for example.

There is an average of 3 g salt per 100 grams of sausage, and push up the amount in some fish to 15 g per 100 g of them, and there are hidden salt in dairy products, ready meals and canned foods.

Reduce the incidence of stroke
The University of San Francisco statistics from eating salt reveals that Americans are the heroes of the world at that as their experience in dealing with fats and junk food and obesity.

Deals with the American who mentioned 10.3 g salt per day and thus expose himself to risk of stroke more than twice the average.

The study, published in the magazine «New England Journal of Medicine» to limit the consumption of salt by 3 g per day 100 thousand means to avoid a heart attack. Can such a procedure to prevent the premature death of more than 50 thousand a year.

Wrote Professor Kirsten Pepin, Domingo, who prepared the study, the reduction was salt by 3 g per day means only reduce the number of people suffering from heart disease and blood circulation between 60-120 thousand people, also means 32-66 thousand less stroke and 54-99 thousand less deaths these diseases annually.

It emerged from the research that all groups and strata of the American people suffer the same vein of salt. And benefit more women than men to reduce salt intake, and reduces the risk that elderly stroke them and prolong the lives of young people more.

This is not everything, of course, according to estimates Pepin - Domingo, that limit the consumption of salt by 3 g per day can keep the Americans 200-400 A day lives carefree free from diseases, and saves the people and the state and insurance companies the amount of 24 billion U.S. dollars is the cost of treating diseases caused by for excessive salt intake, which consists of sodium chloride.

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