Where to find omega-3?

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Where to find omega-3?

- In fish, especially in so-called fatty fish (skinned blue). Should we focus on farmed fish or wild? This question is still debated (heavy metal content, omega-3 ...), we note that regardless of the origin of fish, it is important to eat regularly, at least 2 times a week: mackerel salmon, herring, sardines, albacore tuna ...

- In the liver of cod (on toast to eat on a piece of bread).

- In shellfish and seafood to eat once a week.

- In the rapeseed oil.

- Flax seeds.

- Seedlings: lettuce, purslane, spinach. A set menu three times a week.

- Oil seeds: walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, etc.. Eat a handful every day.

- The Omega-3 eggs. They are laid by hens fed flaxseed. These are rich in omega-3 eggs are also naturally (Label Bleu-Blanc-Coeur). Otherwise, focus on farmers because eggs laid by hens raised outdoors have received a diet rich in fresh grass (the grass is naturally rich in omega-3).

- Wheat germ.

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What are the sources of omega-6 to limit?

- The sunflower and peanut.

- Oils of grapeseed, corn, safflower, borage, evening primrose oil, palm ...

- Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds.

- Sunflower Margarine.

- Meat.

- Most industrial products, which contain a significant amount. Read labels to avoid products containing sunflower oil, corn, peanut, palm, etc..

In practice, to limit your intake of omega-6, avoid industrial products, focusing on preparations house. Replace your oil sunflower and groundnut oil and rapeseed oil, olive (which is considered neutral).

And why should we balance our intake of good fatty acids?

To curb the inflammatory process, prevent heart disease, reduce risk of cancer, "feed" the brain, preventing depression, have a nice skin and to maintain good general health.

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