Herpes nervous system (Ring of Fire) Herpes Zoster

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Herpes nervous system (Ring of Fire) Herpes Zoster

Is an acute viral infection of the skin appears in the form of vesicles in the course of a sensory nerve. And is characterized by the presence of pain, so I called (Ring of Fire), where he takes a specific part of the skin depending on the injured nerve like a belt separates this part of the pain and deep red color, like a fire, from the rest of the body.

This virus is Varicella-Zoster Virus and is the same virus that causes chickenpox infection. Upon infection for the first time chickenpox virus remains dormant in the ganglia for several years, and when re-activated virus with nerves going up to the skin in the form of herpes nervous.

Is usually caused activate the virus is unknown, but closely linked to age (more common over the age of fifty), vulnerability for any reason, and exposure to severe stress and emotion.


Rash: in the form of vesicles that appear after a severe skin redness, vesicles surrounded by skin becomes very red. After 1-2 weeks dry These vesicles composed peel, then start the scales on the precipitation gradually disappear completely after 2-3 weeks.

It is characterized by skin rash that, in one side of the body. More areas infected by the virus is the chest area and alarming. And sometimes become the face and neck, which may lead to complications in the mouth or eye. Sometimes it happens and facial paralysis, hearing loss, loss of taste on one side of the tongue.

• severe pain or tingling firearm: to be accompanied or preceded by a rash.

• enlarged lymph nodes: a part of the patient.

Other symptoms may accompany the disease:

o high temperature.

o weak sense of the year.

o headache.

o the pain of joints.

o abdominal pain.

☼ The diagnosis of herpes nervous appearance of the rash characteristic of people have been injured previously chickenpox water.


• bacterial infections of the skin of the patient.

• Loss of sense of taste.

• Loss of view.

• loss of hearing.

• paralysis of the face.

• recurrence of the disease. But this rarely happens, where 99% of the cases do not recur after the disease cured.


Often is cured of herpes nervous Automatically without specific treatment for the disease itself. Only be treated for the symptoms of the disease.

• Anti-Virus: Helps reduce the duration of illness, pain, and also the complications that may occur. It is also to protect the patient if he was suffering from HIV. And preferably used within 24 hours of onset of pain. And be in the form of tablets taken 4-5 times daily for 10 days. And sometimes given intravenous injections if the patient is suffering from a severe lack of immunity.

• Analgesics: to ease the pain. It also helps to calm the pain, the work of cold compresses to the skin.

• topical antiseptics: such as alcohol concentration of 70%, where you must clean the affected skin. And must be alert to the patient not to re-use Personal tools have only been cleared by washing in boiling water.

Prevention of the disease:

• Lack of personal contact with the tools for the injured only after washing in boiling water.

• stay away and not touching the skin of a person with a special period Last vesicles to prevent transmission of infection (especially for pregnant women).

• Giving the chickenpox vaccine for children.

And how you can use vinegar to treat the disease is through the fat and disinfect the affected area with vinegar, and by means of a clean piece of gauze saturated with vinegar naturally several times in the Alliot-l m

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