Ten best foods for anti-aging, fatigue and depression

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Ten best foods for anti-aging, fatigue and depression

Recent studies demonstrate
Every day the importance of certain types of food in maintaining health and strengthening device
AIDS and stave off illness, particularly serious ones such as cancer.

Of all the foods that are recommended by nutrition experts cosmopolitans,
Ten species considered the best ever for our health.

1 - broccoli

Broccoli all the clamor that arose around him, as nutrition experts say it is better
Vegetables for our health. It contains antioxidant and vitamin-rich
Minerals and fiber, and benefits of the task that it prevents cancer of the intestine
And protects the immune system and improve skin and mood.

And that eating broccoli permanently prevents cataracts
And improve the work of the heart, blood vessels, strengthens bones.

Antioxidants also help the body fight cancer,
The researchers say that the Fitness for broccoli few calories.

2 - Kiwi

Kiwi of the best types of fruit, which contains twice the amount of vitamin C
In orange, and a higher percentage of potassium found in bananas. As
Contains antioxidants, and chlorophyll, which gives the fruit
Their green color is effective in fighting cancer.

The kiwi is also a good source of magnesium, which strengthens the heart and protects the blood vessels and helps the body
To absorb the energy from food.

3 - bananas

Eating and easy to digest and rich in energy and minerals. It features a banana he called energy
Resulting from fructose slowly, making them last in the body longer.

It contains
Bananas are also on the amino acid and bananas contain a large amount of potassium
Which helps to lower blood pressure and get rid of muscle pain and also a very rich

4 - Fish

And types of good tuna fish. But the best fish species Almacrila
Ever, it contains the largest amount of Omega 3 (fatty acids), which is necessary
Of the body, giving these fatty acids have high nutritional value, which is very effective in
Improve mood and activity of the body and enhance memory and brain functioning, and protects the body from
Coronary heart disease.

5 - Garlic

Grains small but strong and effective force.

Some people shy away from it by the intensity of taste and smell pungent, but seen by doctors
Kalhars Secretary to protect the body from disease. The garlic antibiotic
Natural is the weapon that works to strengthen the body's immune system against any
Infections may affect any organ in the body, and also works as an antioxidant before it spreads
In the body. Garlic also works to improve the circulation of blood and stimulate blood circulation,
In addition it prevents blood clots in the arteries and works to reduce cholesterol

6 - Tomato

Some varieties of vegetables, but they fall under the fruit, nutritional value
High and contains the material for lycopene which is a warrior of the first molecules
Free in the body.

Preferably eaten raw as cooking reduces their value
Food a bit, have proved to research in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Harvard
Men who ate the equivalent of ten tomatoes (or products) a week
The proportion of prostate cancer are reduced by 35 %....

7 - Green tea

Tea in our lives and clear but the best of all is the green tea has its
The most important of the many benefits reduce the proportion of LDL cholesterol in the body, and stop dangerous
Exposure of the stroke in men and prevents high blood pressure and would delay the signs of
Aging, and renews the skin and revives the body,
It also reduces the risk of
Cancers, especially cancer of the esophagus and stomach, and is due mainly to the
Important properties to resist oxidation, so if you drink regularly.

This tea contains vitamin C (HCV), which prevents the disease scurvy, diabetes,

And prevents tooth decay and eliminate the bacteria that cause gum disease.

Swiss research has shown that drinking green tea with meals
Encourage the exchange increase of calories per
4%. It also stimulates the body to use fat for energy production
Instead of carbohydrates .. Which helps to lose weight.

8 - Almond

Eaten almonds with some additions such as sugar, or in addition to some types of cakes,
But preferred to be eaten without any other material, where is the best source of non-animal
Of protein. A construction worker, strong bones because it contains a high proportion of minerals
Needed to build bone, such as calcium, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus
It is also a source of fiber and vitamin p, to become your arsenal of food in the armed
The face of cancer and heart disease.

9 - olive oil

A lot in the Mediterranean region, and is safer for health and heart
For being one of the unsaturated fats. Workers are advised to add olive oil to
Daily meals, while studies have shown that eating regularly and in quantities
Reasonably reduce the risk of heart disease and protects the arteries from clogging, it is also
Useful for diabetes and a warrior of colon cancer and is also useful for asthma.

10 - Honey

Delicious and sweetened with sugar twice desalination twice .. But it is better for health ten fold. The
Honey was used for the deliberative and supply the body with energy for centuries and many generations, it is
Used as anti-inflammatory and anti-virus and better than any medicine medical resistance

Honey is composed mostly of carbohydrates and water, and this
High ability to supply energy for the body, has been used by ancient Greeks
The Romans and to increase their ability and stamina.

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