Lose arms with water bottles!

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Lose arms with water bottles!
You can lose weight through the arms of bottled water! Not by drinking, but by lifting! In fact, most women want their thin arms, and particularly plump bottom between the elbow and the armpit, where often it falls a little ...

Under the layer of skin and fat, hides the triceps. A muscle in three parts, which are difficult to work in the movements of everyday life. (Except when you move the bed in the pulling and pushing repeatedly - usually a fairly rare ...).

To tone the triceps and draw a slender arm, nothing like the extension of the elbow. Attention is not the rising of the elbow, so dear to the pillars of the bar. No, I am talking of a fairly precise muscle movement.

To do this you need two bottles of water (0.5 L, 1 L or 1.5 L for the most motivated) and a little elbow grease.

- Open Legs shoulder width apart, slightly bent;
- Take a water bottle in right hand. Plus the bottle is heavier, it will be difficult ...
- Raise the right arm toward the ceiling. The arm must fit the right ear. Bend the elbow, so that the bottle neck button. Then reach out to the ceiling again;
- Keep your head up, back straight and tighten the navel towards the spine.
- Repeat the movement 20 times each side.

After a few weeks, with two weekly performances, triceps should emerge. Otherwise: take a bottle heavier.

You can also choose his triceps muscle in swimming. The front crawl or back are excellent for refining arm. Provided to swim at least 30 minutes without stopping ... at their own pace of course!

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