Beef up its back to the computer

Publié par happy-diet jeudi 29 avril 2010

Beef up its back to the computer

Since yesterday we dwelt on the lower back, here is what will improve his upper back posture. This post relates particularly those working at a computer all day, and many of us in this case!
A back is a well kept low back and shoulders tightened. Shoulder near the ear alter the natural curvature of the spine by increasing the kyphosis (hunchback or appearance).

Correcting this requires a little arched profile of personal motivation, but it is quite possible. Just off the shoulders to the ground up, and slide the shoulder blades toward your buttocks. It is true that initially the position does not seem very unnatural. You feel out of my chest! Yet, looking to a mirror, you realize that the back and shape are more attractive, and ultimately more natural than before.

Then you just have to think about as often as possible.

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