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Tips for your food during flights

Very easy to drift during the holidays, especially the holiday seasons, but the banquets and parties associated with them, it can hurt your arteries and strain along the waist. By eating only 200 calories extra each day a piece of pie may, in pecans (pecans)

Eggs, milk or cream here, a pair of
Small pancakes made from potatoes
Grated, and some small cookies
Baked with butter there you can start
Two pounds to three pounds (pound 453 grams
Approximately) during the period of five to six weeks.
This does not seem like much, but the small number of
People just dispose of this weight
Overweight during the months or years to come.
- The wisdom of food:
1 - balance wisely. Do not eat everything in the
Banquets and parties. Be Mtejera, and consumed
Calories, wisely, on those
Foods you love.

2 - Take 10 minutes before the dish is covered by
II. The stomach needs to minutes
A few to send a signal to your brain
After the completion of. «It has become full» b
I addressed your plate, take a rest period of 10
Minutes. May feel that you have filled.

3 - The distance helps the heart to stay
Intact. At concerts, do not stand near the
Dining table. This makes it difficult to
You must have access to food without thinking
Tbadlk during conversations.

4. Do not go out and you're empty
The abdomen. Before exiting to go to a party,
All something, so as not to starve. The best meals
Light-integrated food carbohydrates
With proteins and unsaturated fats.

5. Drink: Drink a toast to your health:
Cocktail glass of white milk or cream
May be due to your back by 500 calories

6. Wear your dancing shoes (or
Walk). Valrqs is a great way
To get rid of some holiday calories
Intake. If you are in a family ceremony, it was suggested
The idea of strolling before lunch or even between
The main meal and intake of sweets.

7. Vegetables and Sweets: Find a space
Of vegetables. At meals and during the concerts,
Do not neglect eating fruits and vegetables. It
Snacks great, but it is the best
Side dishes or main, were not
Sauces containing cream or butter.

8. Be careful on buffet: At the banquet
Buffet table, go around the table, dishes
Before you put anything in your plate. And after
Make sure of your options, will probably be less inclined
To put some food in piles above the other.

9 - Do not shop when you are hungry: all before
Go shopping so as not to make you smell of cinnamon
Or caramel to enjoy the diet do not need.

10 - Cook your food from (and to) the heart:
To show the family and friends you care about
Them really, be creative in the implementation of recipes
Dishes at least where the use of butter
, Cream, fat and vegetable fat steel,
And other items high in saturated fat
And cholesterol. Attended the turkey
And fish instead of red meat.

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