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One of the blessings of God awareness, a perception, including around the place, time, people, and pain, and the meanings of love, happiness, anger, hunger and satiety, and thousands of other perceptions, without which life turns to misery, and awareness of the many degrees of a full understanding of the place and time to understand part of it, and awareness of the work of the brain, and the many centers that recruit a complex network of neurons sense changes in the surrounding environment; then recruit other network for the appropriate response to these variables, and is all in less than a second amazing speed and accuracy, there is always Aptlaouat for human beings to walk the earth, and discuss in an interview Otto the Messenger of Allah (God's creation of the disease but with the creation of medicine) disease such as coma.


Is the lack of awareness of the whole or part of it.

The most important reasons
1. Inside the brain
1. Lack of oxygen
2. Bleeding
3. Clot
4. Tumor
5. Inflammation of the brain membranes
6. Brain concussion as a result of head injury
7. Pharmacology and Toxicology
Such as drugs and narcotics, and many medicines, if taken in doses of inaccurate or illegally; such as aspirin, alcohol, and pesticides.
8. Epilepsy. Convulsions, coma and post-seizure.
9. Intense heat or fall.
10. Poisoning bacteria in the blood come out poisons affecting the brain.
2. Outside the brain
1. Failure of one of the principal organs in the body

Acute heart failure
respiratory failure
liver failure
Renal Failure

2. Very high blood pressure with a sudden for many reasons.
3. Low blood pressure with sudden severe for many reasons.
4. Metabolic imbalance or increase any chemical compound or decrease in the body, the most important example is the sugar; and low blood sugar is the first cause must be affirmed or denied in the event of a coma since the treatment is easy and the delay is very dangerous, and must be asked, accompanying you when you the one who is diabetic or No.
5. Drought losing a large amount of fluids and salts.
6. Severe bleeding or broken blood syndrome.

Degrees of coma

1. Is not aware of him it does not interact with them, but awake like a sleepy ..
2. Asleep, but can wake to sleep again immediately.
3. Sleep can not wake him, but responds to painful stimuli by moving the hand or leg.
4. Does not respond and has difficulty in breathing and breathing is irregular and intermittent.

Treatment of coma

1. Maintaining the vital functions in the following order:
1. The course of the patient to put his side with his head cut and remove any obstacle to the respiratory tract from the mouth ..
2. Watch breathing and whether or not, is there any difficulty in breathing Is there a blue? Then start CPR.
3. Feel the pulse there is no cardiac rehabilitation begins.
4. Measuring the pressure and act.
5. Temperature measuring and dispose
2. Question about medical history of the escorts:
1. Is Paul has diabetes or disease, hypertension or epilepsy.
2. Are there medicines taken, or drugs are sedative in the house.
3. Is he injured in the head.
4. The last time eating and kind of
5. Insecticides in the house.
3. Move the patient on a regular basis, with a drop of ointment to the eye to preserve it.
4. Feeding by nasogastric tube.
5. Treatment such as giving the reason for the decline of sugar glucose in the blood.

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