Back pain disease age

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Back pain disease age

الم الظهر

Alzarima pain you suffer from tingling, pain in your back, do not worry too much. Millions of women around the world also suffer from back pain so that we can say that back pain become a disease of the times. Here's how to avoid this problem and how to address primarily in the event have suffered.
May be due to back pain from injury, or lifting heavy objects, or move something big and substantial, or gardening, or simply cleaning the house ... but the resulting mostly from the non-active lifestyle. Clocks long we spend in front of the office, and posture, bad, burdensome household chores, pregnancy, and anything could impose pressure on the muscles supporting the spinal cord can lead to problems.

It is also due to back pain sometimes osteoporosis and arthritis bone.

Improve back pain alone in most cases. Perhaps the worst thing you can do to treat back pain is to sleep in bed because it weakens the muscles supporting the spinal cord.

Try instead to move down and eat painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol.

Also, a bag of hot water helps to relax the muscles.

If forced to stay in bed, try to do so for the shortest possible period of time (three days at most) and get out and locomotive frequently.

Marcy also sports a light, such as walking or riding a bike or swimming, because that is very useful for back pain.

If pain persists more than a few days and was very severe, as they began to hamper your life, check with your doctor. Your doctor may prescribe a combination of drugs or refer you to a specialist in the treatment of physical or Iusik the adoption of a more active lifestyle.
In total, there are some steps you can adopt to prevent essentially without back pain, including:

• Watch for your posture and down, especially if you are sedentary. Take a break from time to time and the other for walking and stretching a bit.
• When you lift anything, bend your knees and stay with your belly stretched to the home and raise your purpose near you.
• Keep a healthy weight because excess pounds may put pressure on Whom cord.
• Stay active all the time, and was keen to go swimming or walking as much as possible.
• No high-heel shoes Tantali permanently Pantaalha and relied on special occasions because it put considerable pressure on Whom cord.
• During the transition to long distances in the car, put a pillow behind your back and try to extend your legs from time to time.
• If you work outside the office, make your feet Mstahtin always on the ground.
Daily exercises to strengthen abdominal and back muscles

- Stand up and Everytime your feet shoulder distance from each other and Put your hands on your lower back. Look ahead of you. Pay reparations to the hips forward and bend your back. Keep this position and count to five. Repeat this movement five times in a row.
- Lie on your back and your knees bent and your feet on the ground surface and tighten your stomach muscles to the inside. Bend your right knee and then left to the chest. Ocbuge your hands behind your knees and pay reparations for your knees gently towards your chest. Count to five. Repeat this situation five times in a row.
- Stand up and Everytime your feet shoulder distance apart. Bend your knees slightly and tighten your muscles to the inside Put your arms at your sides. Obermi your hands and wrists outward so that the signal Alihaman back. Count to five. Repeat this situation five times in a row.

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