The method of manufacturing apple cider vinegar:

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The method of manufacturing apple cider vinegar:

I will describe you how to make vinegar, the natural importance of the topic, Natural Vinegar is mentioned in the Sunnah, a cure for many diseases, including acne, some types of eczema and sensitivity, weight loss (diet), urinary infections, inflammation of the throat, varicose veins, etc. I personally handled all the previous cases, vinegar their condition has improved thanks to God and to you a simple way to make vinegar natural

Manufacture of vinegar, natural

Taken nearly four hits grams of apple, wash wash it thoroughly, then cut-quarters without peel or remove seeds, but an apple full content, then brush the inside basket of openwork be of plastic or the like in order to be ventilated well him, and covered with gauze light for insects and leaves in place of Duffy, and for a week until the Itbektr show odor strong than it is the smell of fermentation and observe the accumulation of bacteria on the edge of Apple has gradually permeated bacteria entire apple with the passage of time, then taken from the basket and placed inside the bottle so that the apple inside the bottle Juxtapose accumulated over some and is not Mmtli, to be Atsarh slowly and correctly, without the weight of the apple is causing the age, covering the mouth of the bottle with a cloth and leave in place of Duffy, and watch for a week, everything I saw that there is a yellow liquid had gone down in the bottom of the flask then my heart and discharged in Flask another without directed by Apple, including, without touching your hand to him, repeat the process until you find that Apple has dried up and no longer a liquid and can be squeezed a bit by clean gauze, then get rid of it, and nominate vinegar which you have previously collecting bottle again, you'll find that vinegar leaves a residue and deposits of the color of dark slash the bottom of the bottle Let it accumulate, and pouring vinegar Bgarop again, you have to remain pure vinegar and free from impurities. In times of cold process takes approximately 25, and hot days does not exceed 12 days.

Note We recommend leaving the fermented vinegar for a longer period of 40 days of workmanship to give better results and the more free a vinegar was the best possible legacy for years and I personally will Vinegar Oatgah for years

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