The discovery of the teaspoon

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The discovery of the teaspoon


Of course, there are certain requirements to be met, such as age of introduction of allergenic foods. But if your son at 18 months, swallowed his soup in the evening bottle, while his cousin took a spoon for a long time, what's the problem? If it does not spoon, do not insist and repeat an attempt a few days later. Do not be too stingy on his good manners. Eating with fingers is his way of adapting to new as you suggest.
Contrary to what is often believed, the introduction of infant cereal at 3-4 months is not a requirement. It has been shown to have no dietary value they do not help to sleep. However, if you want to give him before the age of 6 months, make sure they do not contain gluten: he could not digest it.
Attention also to salt, an excess of which could affect the health of his kidneys. Vegetables are naturally salty. Even if it looks dull, do not overdo it when your cooking. Finally, choose fats of vegetable origin, due to the equivalent of one teaspoon of oil per meal.

Milk anyway
Diversification does not brutally suppress the milk, which will remain up to 3 years a mainstay of their diet. If you are breastfeeding, nothing prevents you from continuing as long as you wish, while placing other foods on the menu. If he takes his milk bottle, they must pass a follow-on formula and give him at least 500 ml per day, divided between the bottle in the morning and evening, in addition to its soup and fruit compote.
At 6 months, you may also offer other dairy products, the key is to never add sugar.
At 8-9 months, your baby will discover soft cheeses such as Camembert or Brie, and all specialties of cream cheese. However, cheeses made from raw milk has been forbidden under 3 years because of the risk of bacterial contamination.

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