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Galangal is a small herbaceous plant Muammar height of up to about two meters has large leaves, with white flowers and red, is characterized by small Galangal smelling fresh and spicy taste.

Existing Galangal several species such as Galangal small or what is known as Balaini and Galangal and white Galangal Greater or red, and there are other types are only used for decoration to the beauty of flowers and the sustainability of lushness and some of these species used to make writing paper and others are eaten legs or cook.

Galangal and small, known scientifically as Alpinia officinarum Alzenjpelep zingiberaceae of the platoon is the type of medical staff.

Part of the plant used Jmamirh Rhizomes that are similar to some extent Jmamir plant Saad, a reddish-colored sheathes pale and covered with a large scar left on the rhizomes when it crashed and Jmamir smell aromatic.

Original home of Julngan: the origin of Galangal grassy areas in southern China and Southeast Asia in general and farming at the moment as a spice and medicine in many parts of tropical Asia and cultivated normally dividing rhizomes and replanting in the spring, and collected only after 4 to 6 years from the date of planting vegetation, and use Galangal fresh, or dried.

Chemical Contents: containing Jmamir Galangal oil on the small pilot by 1-5? It contains oil on Alfabeinin and Sceniol and Inanool and camphor and Snmat instance, also contains Galangal on lactones unilateral mid-term, such as turbines and Galnjul Galngen.

What has been said about Galangal in the small ancient medicine?

Galangal Arabs used since ancient times where she was fed by Jiadha to increasing heat and drink boiled with milk against cold and cough and can afford to strengthen.

Ibn Sina: essence: the sector of twisted red and black sharp taste has a good smell and light would come from the land of China., "Said Masarjouih: Khosrodaro is all about. Acts and attributes: Cute analyst of the wind. Ornamental: It gives the flavor. members of the food: good for the stomach for food digester. Alinvd members: benefit from Alcolnj and pain and helps with the overall Beh and uniform weight of cinnamon and cloves.

He told David of Antioch for Galangal «remain hot and dry strength to seven years, analyzes the wind and open the pores and appetite and digests and analyzes the joints and sciatica and pain in the fetus and the back and drink it with milk, especially milk sheep back the power of youth.

Enter Galangal to Europe in the nineteenth century and considered disposed of German Hildegard Hildegard of Bingen as a spice of life, which God has granted us to pay for their disease.

Have been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, where they use to heat the body and against the abdominal pain, vomiting, hiccups, as well as diarrhea resulting from the cold procedure. Usually, when used by the Chinese against the hiccups they Ikhaltonh Alcardhan with mushroom and fir.

In India and South-West Asia is of little Galangal nourishing and restorative of the stomach and anti-inflammatory, nourishing and restorative Makeca and nervous, is used to treat hiccups and satiety, abdominal pain, arthritis, and intermittent fever.

In Herbal Medicine Western has introduced Galangal small to Europe via Arab doctors in more than p 1000 years, and is used there mainly repellent to the wind and indigestion, vomiting and stomach pain and Ktlatif sores oral painful inflammation of the gums as well as for the treatment of seasickness.

What did he talk about medicine Galangal small?

Research has proven the Chinese Galangal antibiotic, was found literally Galangal small an effect counter to the number of bacteria, including anthrax (anthrax), also proved effective against fungus, where it refers to research published in 1988 that Galangal small very effective against Candida albicans in Russia came from Galangal medical preparation under the name of a drink Nastoika used to heat the body.

It was found that the small effect Galangal tonic for the digestive system and Medfi and repelling gas and anti-emetic and therapeutic dose of Galangal small, ranging from 0,5 to 1,5 grams per day.

And the treatment of indigestion and get rid of stomach gas Galangal powder used by taking small teaspoonful of the powder and add Aljzmor to fill a cup of boiling water and leave for ten minutes and then filtered and drink at a rate of once per day. You can also use Galangal powder inhalation by adding it to hot water and inhale the steam so as to alleviate colds and cold. Quoting newspaper Monday, 1 Shaban 1426 - September 5, 2005 - No. 13587

To strengthen the body and can afford to fight disease and to avoid weakness and inactivity:

What, if any stimulus for the body, such as ginger, local honey, jam and eat the honey with pistachios and Galangal

David said in Antioch (ticket): "the great secret." Toothpaste strengthens the body, and addresses oblivion, and opens the talent of the brain, and rejoices self Inashha.

Vehicle: 100 grams ground ginger + 100 g crushed peanuts +50 grams Julngan floured + 50 gm crushed black seeds + honey bees.

Cooked honey on low heat and tend Rgute, then add things past and volatility so well hold sweets, and packed in glass jars, and eaten from a spoon after breakfast, after dinner and one teaspoon per day and, God willing, you will see strange things.

Someone is asking, says Ginger Galangal is the same as or differ from each other and what are their benefits? And where are they getting?.

- My brothers. Galangal, ginger, green or green-cured differ completely, even if they share some things Galangal example of the genus differs from Ginger Galangal where sex is sex, while Alpina zingebel ginger, but they belong to one family is the platoon Alzenjpelep .. Both Jmamir Rhizome and roots are not .. Contains Galangal on the volatile oil with resin, a stimulant of the stomach and digestion and repelling winds while Ginger contains volatile oil with substance Randjip is used to expand blood vessels, and increased sweating and a sense of warmth and mitigate the heat and made into jam useful in chest diseases, is one of the spices, while not considered Kunjan of spices . Is obtained them from the Attarine.

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