Electronic devices .. To alleviate migraine

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Electronic devices .. To alleviate migraine

She offered two separate studies in front of the American Headache Society Annual Scientific in Boston, to the success of nerve stimulation systems, electric and magnetic fields to reduce or prevent the pain of migraine (migraine).

The first study was conducted to assess the impact of system synergy to stimulate the nerve at the back of the head of the company "Midtronieks" on their condition, while the second study conducted at Ohio State University researchers to assess the work of a magnetic system to stimulate the nerves through the skull of a company "Nerolayev" to remedy the situation.

The third study reviewed the results of a number of studies on the impact of exercise to alleviate the pain of migraine.

Participated in the first study, called "stimulate nerve Alqmali for the treatment of migraine that are difficult to soothe her pain" 66 patients from 9 medical centers have registered their honor online over three months.

And assume that the results of the study to stimulate nerve Alqmali offers a promising solution for people who will not succeed so far in the treatment of pain of chronic migraine, according to what was said by Dr. Joel Saber Director, Institute for the pain and nerve head in Ann Arbor in Michigan.

They placed the wires of lead under the skin near the nerve Alqmali, which arises from the spinal cord, and branches around the back of the head carrying sensory signals from that location of the brain.

The wire connected with the system of motivation "Midtronieks" which was sending electrical impulses to the nerve.

In the second study, researchers from Ohio State University in Columbus, said the tool from the company "Nerolayev" hand-held and sent without any pain magnetic pulses to the head, may ease some pain of those who suffer from migraines. The device delivers a therapy known as "transcranial magnetic stimulation," or simply as "TMS."

It generates magnetic pulses that occur when he went to head an electric current between the nerve cells in the brain.

This is to disable the migraine at the stage of the emergence of "halo" which is being preceded by pain in some migraine sufferers.

Despite the fact that migraines occur without warning in most cases, but some people feel the phase prior to his shift, characterized by visual disturbances such as flashes of light or zigzag lines, or other sensations such as tingling or numbness.

In the new study, researchers collected 201 patients suffering from migraine with the sense of the stage that precedes the headaches, then asked them to randomly use either your "TMS" and was either a "fake" and used by researchers in the comparison.

And ask patients to guide the device to the site of migraine at the beginning of feeling it.

The researchers found that after two hours of treatment, 39 percent of patients who used a "TMS" feel the pain of migraine headaches compared with 22 percent of patients who used the device placebo, according to the announcement, Dr Yousef Mohammad, a researcher at the university who led the study , told the conference.

In a third study published early July, researchers reported on Germans in their review of a number of previous research, that exercise does not appear to reduce migraine headaches or duration, although it may reduce pain intensity among those suffering from this disease.

Dr. Volker Bousquet researcher at the University of Regensburg, Germany, and colleagues at the display in the journal "headache remedy", that the exercise of migraine patients to exercise is to be welcomed and urged by almost all references and guides for patients and even websites for migraine headaches.

He added that most studies acknowledge that regular exercise may reduce the frequency and severity of migraine headaches, or perhaps eliminate it entirely

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  2. Great article! Anyhow what's your opinion regarding how early detection can alleviate cancer. I've read some that dismisses this kind of thought of it. Most alternative cancer treatment centers actually encourage people to get annual cancer screening prior to symptoms just to be sure because there are cancers that won't show signs until it’s on a sever level.


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