Oranges, fish and prevention of strokes

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Oranges, fish and prevention of strokes

The stroke of the most important and most dangerous diseases of the nerves, because it is one of the most medical problems are common, especially among the elderly, which might lead to motor impairment to varying degrees, leading to negative effects on the patient and the relatives of both aspects of psychological, social, and also caused economic pressure is a major on health service providers because of the high costs of caring for this type of patients.
Stroke is a sudden loss of brain function, and occur as a result of a sudden blockage of the arteries of the brain or the result of rupture of some blood vessels in the brain caused by internal bleeding, leading to the death of brain cells in the affected area. And adopt the incidence of stroke and symptoms at the site of injury in the brain, and the severity of the injury and damage.
There are currently more than 50 million people infected with stroke in all parts of the world, and the incidence of stroke worldwide is 20 million cases a year, five million of them die,

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