10 secrets have not known about coffee

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10 secrets have not known about coffee

The scientists have coffee and scientific studies conducted around
To discover the following ..

1. The first source of material of anti-oxidants:
It is a rich source of antioxidants-oxidants. They contain a high proportion of which we need this material in
System, our daily bread. What is its role? Antioxidants may help protect cells
From oxidation and the body of some diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and premature aging!

2. De-caffeinated coffee which also contain antioxidants:
Whether with or without caffeine, coffee, you get all the benefits of antioxidants
For their inclusion on the same amount

3. Tsahsah at work and facilitate the learning and assimilation:

Studies show that people who drink coffee are showing psychological comfort and greater attention to
Their work. The caffeine found in coffee restores the level of alert and motivated, and improve performance and mood
We need to complete a successful day at work! As for those who follow higher education, The coffee
Help them to improve attention and vigilance in order to facilitate the learning process.

4. Urges the physical performance as well:

Is not helpful to the completion of the mental only. After further research, we have demonstrated that caffeine
Also play in the granting of energy and improve physical performance. It helps to give athletes a share
Of activity in the exercise of short or long term and also in the very exercise of power. After that,
Could ease the muscle pain that follows the exercise and feeling tired in the late moments of the exercises.

5. Instant coffee does not contain calories:

A cup of instant coffee contains less than Sartin Hrareeten. What Tadhauwenh
To coffee is more of the calories in calories, so try to drink Vngank with the least amount of
Sugar and low-fat milk or low-fat cream bleach!

6. Coffee may protect your skin:

Mean it is a friend of your skin is always exposed to external factors that hurt Kalocap under
Radiation harmful to cells. Coffee-rich anti-oxidants may help your skin
To combat the negative effects of the sun may help to avoid wrinkles early.

7. Coffee may ease the pain of the head:

Is the beginning of a headache? If you have a cup of coffee! This is suggested by scientific research.
They found that coffee may reduce the symptoms of migraine
(Headache Migraine), or even remove it if I drank
The emergence of the first symptoms of pain. Since the expanded material of the arteries cause pain of the head, comes
Coffee contains caffeine, which causes constriction of arteries, reflecting the effect of pain
Resulting from the expansion of the arteries in the brain.

8. Drinking coffee does not affect the absorption of calcium:

Applies to the false belief that drinking coffee may lead to the loss of calcium from the body.
But recent studies confirm that it is not coffee a negative impact on bone health. In order to
Strong bones and healthy, you must diet contains the right amount of calcium.
When Thoudrin coffee with a cup full of milk, especially rich in calcium, it helps you
To get your daily calcium necessary for the health of your bones.

9. Yes you can drink 3-4 cups of coffee per day:

Moderation, as always master of the situation. For lovers of coffee,
try eating a moderate coffee
Mean 300 mg of caffeine a day which is equivalent to 3-4 cups of coffee.

10. Instant coffee is 100% Coffee:

Coffee made from coffee beans and water clean, without any additions! The quality of coffee beans and how to
Selection and the way of distinctive roasted, that give the characteristic smell and flavor of the steppe.

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