Sport a necessity of life: lost «your prices» Before you lose your life

Allowed modern civilization to humans many ways to accomplish acts of variety to his province, the health of body and safety of diseases, and achieved scores high standard of living, and became the offices of modern business provides all the comforts of their employees in order to reduce the chances of health complications in their bodies, and I said activities muscle of many people as a result of the severity of their dependence on the machines and electronic devices in their lives, accompanied by an increased risk of heart disease and blood circulation, arteriosclerosis, arthritis and others, confirmed the need to maintain fitness at all stages of human life, including aging through exercise of activities of the muscle enough in daily life, and knew the benefit of muscular activity in improving the health status of physical and psychological human being, and its role in impeding a functional limitations in many of his organs as a result of his age, also contributes to physical activity in the sense of being more dynamic, and increased newly interesting doctors specialize in so-called sports medicine.

According to a scientific study that about one third of the adults and the same number of American children engage in regular activities of the muscle in their daily lives, and is about a third of people ages 65 years for walking, and the debate continues among the people about the best exercises can be performed, do not differ on the health benefits of their bodies
and psyche, and a growing interest of the U.S. population during the last two decades, exercise sports all its activities, and developing countries exercise a little of the population active IM sufficient walking distance of two kilometers each day, due lack of muscular activity that his rights as Chairman of the lack of time, and requires the average person to practice gymnastics at a rate 45 to 60 minutes three or four times each week to take advantage of them, ranging forms of Calgary, swimming, bike riding and, according to sports for a period of 10 to at least 20 minutes every day in the relaxation of muscles and joints, increase flexibility and therefore the ease of movement. impact on Aladilatmund old time a person knows the benefit of physical exercise to help ward off an atrophy of the muscles, helping to strengthen and large size, there are common saying (the member who does not use holds) helping sports to the heart's pumping of blood by doing less and the muscles become stronger and more receptive to oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood to it, and lead to an equilibrium energy minus different degree depending on the severity of muscular activity exerted by, and then moving the cells in which to burn stored fat more than protein for energy production, and lead activities muscle to increase muscle size resulting from construction of new tissue where the protein food is shown clearly in the muscles of persons who exercise the bodybuilder. impact on Alazamakchw modern science the importance of exercise in increasing bone size and strength of strength and minimize the chances of a porous or broken bones - with the progress of human life - which is spreading to occur among the elderly and women in the age despair, and also appeared in the bodies of astronauts, the first result of a shortfall in their activity of muscle during long journeys in the circumstances of the absence of gravity in outer space. impact on Damtwdi viscosity and cohesion of platelets with each other in the blood to sticking the walls of blood vessels and the formation of blood clots, and when a in the coronary artery that feeds the heart muscle complain the patient from heart attacks from time to time, and help physical exercise in the prevention of this happening, and causing muscular activity is a temporary rise in blood pressure and low blood sugar level as a result of combustion to produce energy needed for the activity of muscular effort , scientists have discovered the benefit of the exercise of human physical exercise in the open air to reduce the chances of a case of high blood pressure and the stability level in the bodies of people who suffer slight increase which, while a person is exposed to psychological stress in the midst of its daily work and interaction with others to the high level of blood pressure. patients Kulbzbb heart disease and blood vessels in many industrialized countries death by more than other diseases. Sometimes up to more than 50% of all deaths in the United Kingdom is among the most in the rate of death from patients with coronary heart, so the authorities put British health where prevention plan aimed at reducing the death rate about a third of 30% as a result of the disease until the end of this century, and have Persons with light work more susceptible to heart disease, coronary others who exercise effort muscularly more in their work, and suffer a large proportion of men aged 45 to 54 years the risk of heart disease, coronary, and encourages doctors these men to practice gymnastics light on a daily basis , also complained about 40% of people aged 65 to 74 years who do not engage in the activities of the muscle from a lack of adequate physical fitness and the risk of heart disease, especially smokers and overweight them. According to physical exercise to increase aerobic capacity of the lungs, and advised the scientists to exercise rights gymnastics sufficient in health programs aimed at the prevention and treatment of coronary heart and other diseases such as diabetes and the incidence of gastrointestinal disturbances, and recommended that patients with heart disease and circulatory engage in activities that muscular moderate. In the treatment of patients Alskreczhl lot people the benefits of sports and their impact on the metabolism of carbohydrates in the cells of the body, and use these cells during muscular activity compound glycogen stored in muscles to produce energy that you need, and depleted of this compound gradually with the passage of time, then the body compensates for the missing part of the past 24 to following 72 hours by the sugar glucose in blood and its source of food covered by the person, increase as a result of physical activity constant sensitivity of the receptors, the hormone insulin in the cells to the muscles and other tissues known as the mechanism of insulin, which is useful in reducing the needs of the cells to this hormone and thus reduce the risk of a lack of insulin secretion of the pancreas with the progress of human life, and that means the benefit of the practice of diabetes quality-based insulin treatment or trazodone blood sugar physical exercise in reducing the quantity of what use it of drugs, and the disposal of part of the energy from the burning of sugar during the effort, muscle, which reduces the chances of rise in blood sugar and, according to sports with the diet low-calorie in the treatment of the case do not bear the sugar glucose, which result in neglect to a diabetic, as is obvious the role of sports for people overweight susceptible to diabetes to reduce the risk of damage to them, and doctors have confirmed the the role of physical exercise in the treatment of diabetics, may occur a state of shock insulin to patients in the exercise gymnastics violent, especially when you use insulin as a result of a sharp decline in the level of blood sugar, which according to sports regular physical diabetics dependent on insulin treatment in reducing the amount of the dose that they use him, and helps the practice diabetic active IM enough to use their bodies blood sugar without raising it. run counter to the high fat Damothbtaat scientific studies of the usefulness of physical exercise in the prevention and treatment of high fat and cholesterol in the blood, and rises as a result of physical proportion of lipoprotein-density high (HLP) in the blood and less than a low-density (LDLP) of them, and help sort the first of which carry cholesterol from body cells to the liver for analysis and disposal, and degrade lipoproteins with low density in the blood and deposited composite cholesterol associated with them on the walls of the arteries decreases in breadth, and leads to a so-called hardening of the arteries, helping sports benign from lipoproteins (HLP) to carry cholesterol to get rid of it in the liver, and is optimal for cholesterol total 180 mg or less per 100 ml of blood, the body needs to belong to the kilogram of fat accumulated to burn or get rid of 9000 calories through exercise training or access to food provides fewer calories than this amount, and cause physical exercise on a regular basis Kalrkd or jogging a sense of relief and limited the chances of a case of depression. against a Albadanpla can deny the role of physical exercise in prevention the incidence of weight gain in the treatment of obesity, tend bodies of those most active IM to be lighter than the others whose activities are muscle light, accompanied by burning fat cells during muscle activity to produce a calorie increase the rate of metabolism in which for too could be long after sports is accompanied by sizeable size of the muscles of the body, it states physical exercise coupled with well-nourished in improving the health status of the human body because it contributes to maintaining the structure ideal for tissues. women during pregnancy and Alrdaivid women during pregnancy continued physical exercise moderately, which were not medically necessary to prevent Therefore, helping exercises like walking and swimming in the sense of being the best physically and psychologically, and should not be practiced gymnastics violent such as horseback riding, mountain climbing and marathon fear of abortion pregnancy, especially during the first months of it, and you can set the agenda and exercises suitable for her body to maintain the grace and fitness physical does not matter her unborn child, and avoid long travel if she has easy abortion, especially during the last two weeks of her pregnancy, and the exercise by the mother sports during the period of breastfeeding, natural child in maintaining their fitness, physical and psychological. The woman at the age of Alioshnak growing interest in the role of sports in women's lives after the cessation of Tmtha to mitigate the occurrence of porosity or osteoporosis associated with a decrease in the secretion of the hormone estrogen is responsible for alerting the cells shape the bones and revitalization, and then a withdrawal of a continuous component of calcium from bones and is beneficial to women during this period of their lives, physical exercise in reducing the incidence of these condition, and caused physical violent aggravated severity, and increase the chances of infection at the time of fractures in the bones, doctors use sometimes to describe the pharmaceutical to the hormone estrogen to some women in menopause in order to avoid this from happening, and this should be done in the presence of medical supervision directly. Effects Alnevsiptokdt useful exercise rights of the activities of the muscle in their daily lives to reduce the complaint of a depression and felt that the best health and in improving the form of his body and this is reflected positively on the psyche and its interaction with others and affect the inactivity and lack of activity on the mood of the person and the psyche, helping sports to enter the larger volume of air into the lungs and then the arrival of a larger volume of oxygen to the cells Feinst work is reflected the impact of a positive effect on psyche. against diseases Okrykma known benefit of physical exercise in the prevention of treatment of other diseases such as reducing the chances of disease, strokes (heat stroke) and advises people who suffer constipation practice activity of muscle enough to help the intestines to Altkhald of food waste collected by, and frequently a case of constipation in people who have been hiding away in bed as a result of chronic disease or fractures, and are exercising their activities muscle if the minimum necessary for them to avoid the creation of sores bed in the back and Mazbbh complications serious health on their lives, are exercises played an important role in rehabilitation, fractures and bruises on the hands and feet and so on and assist in the return of their limbs their activities, natural, and patients can adapt to the type of exercise required and the duration of the exercise when consulted medical specialists. recommendations - there is a need to make Sports in the form of walking or other fundamental thing in the daily life of the person to benefit for the body and mind .- encourage children to physical exercise to become one of their daily habits, and also urged women and men to carry them out, without exception, the elderly, including .- of that person gymnastics, such as walking longer and faster gradually within the limits of his body. to avoid the practice of the average person gymnastics violent and consult a doctor when a severe increase in blood pressure in which to diagnose the causes .- doctors recommend not to increase the number of heart rate for an adult during the exercise, about 140 beats / min and not doing strenuous exercises more than 15 minutes, especially if it is non-professional sports

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