a new drug for migraine headaches

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a new drug for migraine headaches


British scientists discover new drugs for the treatment of migraine has a highly effective addition to the lack of its symptoms side effects compared to other treatments, it impedes the activity of chemicals that cause daytime systolic blood vessels.

L'Express said on Thursday that the study published by The Lancet, stressed that the new drug "Tillekajipant" has the effectiveness of the drug "Treptanz", which is the most commonly used for migraine headaches or migraine. However, the new drug leaves produce fewer side effects.

The description of each of Lars Idvinson University Hospital of Lund in Sweden, and Mattias Lindy from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the new drug as promising, but called for further investigations about it.

It is worth mentioning that about six million Britons suffer from migraines, and eating Treptanz treatment to alleviate it.

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