May be different reasons for burns suffered in life

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May be different reasons for burns suffered in life

But there are calls for application of first aid

Different causes of burns to dry cold burns, electricity .. However, all treated as one, divided by the depth of burns, burns, and areas as a base .. When increasing the burns on 90% of the area of the body to be treated in hospital.

Degrees of burns are:

Degree burns from the first: that skin redness

Second degree burns: that affect the skin redness and Bubbles

Third-degree burns: that affects the surface layer of skin burns

Fourth-degree burns: that affects the muscles and soft tissue burn

Fifth-degree burns: that affects the muscles and soft tissue by combustion is the most

Sixth-degree burns: that occur Tvhama Public burning or the entire body

Manifestations of burns and symptoms:

* Vary depending on the burning redness to swelling staffing of bubbles to the full combustion of some or all layers of the skin.

* This is in addition to the severe pain associated with burns.

* The patient may experience post-traumatic stress as a result of pain or trauma as a result of circulatory system has a large amount of fluids when you configure the bubbles.

How can I do in the event of a fire?!

First: Dealing with burns, if any.

Second: Place the injured part under cold water flow of light (do not be too rush so as not to tear tissue).

Third: Remove anything tight such as rings or something like that before the swelling and difficult to remove later.

Fourth: Do not try to remove clothing if stuck to, except in the case of chemical burns, you should remove clothing so as not to continue the case of burns, and this situation needs to be longer in the washing water.

Fifth: In the case of burning mouth and throat as a result of chemicals or hot liquid gives patients low doses of cold water at frequent intervals, and to be stripped of any tight clothing or jewelry on the neck or chest, said that existed tahini or starch are advised to drink it.

How to deal with the affected area?!

* If the patient will be transferred to the doctor does not put anything on the burns, and beware of white and cream flower and teeth, etc., just covered by Vaseline ointment, if any.

* Is strictly prohibited Vqe bubbles or remove the burnt skin or get rid of the liquid resulting from burns.

* If the affected area are small and will be processed without being transferred to hospital or doctor:

- Wash the wound with a solution prepared by salt or disinfectant.

- Put a layer of ointment burns on the screen, then place the screen on the affected area, then a layer of cotton, then wrap the affected area, and given an antibiotic.

- Gives patients a tetanus shot, he noted that the survival of burn injury in danger of being exposed to microbial contamination.

* Patient care to provide the quantity and plenty of juice or water.

For the treatment of burns resulting from chemicals:

* Wash your position immediately burn continuously for a period of not less than twenty minutes with large quantities of cold water clean, and then preparing to transport the injured to the doctor.

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