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Types of food more than IQ

Can increase your memory and the ability to think the sound through your intake of these foods:

(1) fish oil: the human brain contains 60% fat, mostly from Alorkidunik acid, a fatty acids (Arachidonic acid). The fish is the primary source of it. Therefore Valikthar from taking fish oil or cod liver oil is very useful for the vitality of the brain, but must take into account to take cod liver oil from autumn to early spring in order to avoid a sharp rise in the level of vitamin D are advised to eat fish oil from late spring to late summer.

(2) Fresh vegetables: prefer to eat what the general rate of nearly one pound of vegetables per day to a person's could be accomplished by addressing the juice of vegetables, for example, spinach, peas, green cabbage and live mushrooms, avocado and lettuce ..... Etc.

(3) raw eggs: The eggs of the most important sources of cheap food containing a high amount of protein and fat. . And eating raw egg yolk is very beneficial for health in order to contain the highest concentration of biotin (Biotin) is located in nature. And biotin (Biotin) is one of the components of vitamin B complex, one of the most important to the health of the nervous system and cook the egg yolk leads to the oxidation of cholesterol (Cholesterol) is located by it becomes harmful to human health as the blood vessels contains the reception centers, the cholesterol-oxidant and contains the reception centers for cholesterol Therefore, it is possible to eat raw egg yolk as much as they like without fear of cholesterol as long as raw and cooked.

For the egg white contains a protein Aloviden (Avidin) is in its natural state (raw) resist digestive enzymes leading to its association with biotin and prevents absorption and therefore eating large amounts of egg whites, raw for a long time can lead to lack of biotin. In the case of eating egg whites, cooked the temperature lead to cracking, making it Aloviden affected by digestive Balasarat in the human body and thus prevents the union of biotin, making it easier absorption. Hence when dealing with raw egg (yolk and white together) must compensate for the lack biotin output eat enough of it (man needs about 150 micro grams per day), where available in pharmacies under several brand names with the rest of the vitamin B complex.

(4) Avoid sugar: Sugar is the most important food that should be avoided to achieve the highest efficiency of the human brain in terms of intelligence, memory and concentration, and the easiest ways to avoid sugar, avoid soft drinks in general and sweets in particular.

(5) berry blue: the best plant foods containing antioxidants, it is worth mentioning that antioxidants protect the body from premature aging and related diseases as they get rid of the body from free radicals that result from the operations of metabolism the body's natural and breathing air, drinking water contaminated and also from eating food contaminated with pesticides and exposure to radiation and smoking

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