7 tips for losing weight effectively

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7 tips for losing weight effectively

1) Take time to chew

The more you eat slowly, the more you will feel full sustainable. Conversely, when you eat too quickly, our brain is mismanaging messages of satiety. Result, you eat more. You must therefore take the time to taste, and especially long to chew.

2) Lose Weight by limiting fat

Get rid of your oil sunflower and peanut, your margarine and butter. Keep only the olive oil, rapeseed oil and walnuts because they are better for health. But use them sparingly.

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3) Put fruit, vegetables and starchy foods at each meal.

Fruits, vegetables and starchy foods are healthy foods that should be consumed at each meal. In addition to providing vitamins and fiber, they are satiating.

4) Do not eat more than one serving of animal protein per day.

Animal proteins are mainly made by the meat, fish and eggs, foods also rich in saturated fatty acids.

You must therefore ensure that only eat once a day meat, eggs or fish. Meanwhile, be sure to eat less red meat, white meat in particular focusing and fish, which must appear in your menus at least twice a week.

5) Do not feel guilty

Sometimes we all fall for a bakery, a squeegee, a hamburger fries ... That is human and what is not serious. The important thing is not to drop your resolutions. Take just your eating habits from the next meal.

6) Never go shopping hungry!

If you're hungry, you'll buy more and more high-calorie foods. If necessary, eat a fruit or a yoghurt before catching your shopping cart.

7) Practice regular physical activity

The important thing is not necessarily performance, but the consistency. Two sessions of sport per week is a minimum, complete with daily activities: cleaning, gardening, small trips on foot, mounted the stairs, etc..

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