In the sun, cream AND glasses!

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In the sun, cream AND glasses!

Sun protection is now firmly back in manners, and even if there are still some little toddler in a bathing suit at 13:00 in the sun, the phenomenon is increasingly rare.

However, it seems that eye protection is less reflex. Yet the sun's rays are very bad for the eyes of children (and adults). So the sunglasses is also mandatory.

The human eye naturally defends itself against the light with the squinting or contraction of the pupil. The structure of the eye (cornea, lens) helps filter more or less effective UV rays before they reach the retina. But from the moment that there UV absorption by the eye, there is a risk of injury. To protect against solar radiation involves stopping the UV before it enters the eye. Just use the filter glass, which absorb the rays and also protect the eyelids and eye contours, which are sensitive areas.

Ultraviolet rays are a daily danger, which may increase depending on exposure conditions:
at certain times of the year: spring and summer, the UV Index is higher;
at certain times of the day: between 11 and 15 hours;
according to the exhibition site: the snow reflects up to 80% of UV light, the sea 20%, sand 10%;
depending on the presence or absence of clouds, or the altitude at which it is: 10% of all UV radiation 1000 meters.

Furthermore, the lens of small children is totally transparent and, consequently, their retina receives more UV rays than adults: one year before, 90% of UVA and more than 50% of UVB rays reach the retina. Between 10 and 13 years, 60% of UVA and 25% of UVB rays reach the retina. Around 18-20 years, UV radiation is almost completely filtered by the lens. This means that approximately 80% of the exposure of the retina to UV and blue light during the life before the age of 20 years.

No need to put all the time, especially if the child tolerates evil. But the sea, snow or water, it should be an automatic!

Ps: The 2010 Days of Vision will take place from June 7 to 12, organized by The ASNAV, with lectures and information to protect his eyes.

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