Alkndr "gum-mentioned"

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Alkndr "gum-mentioned"
- City Alshehr: -

- Location: shahar located on the coast of the Arabian Sea to the east of the city of Mukalla, and away from about (62 km).

- Label: shahar's name was called on the coast of Hadramout and is generally referred to on the coast for residents of Wadi Hadhramaut or (Hadramout home), and on the coast held by many countries extend to the far eastern border in the stomach, and most famous cities in the coast city names that I knew then So far as the city, Nasser, was a popular commercial goods: fine linen, and frankincense, myrrh, amber Aldkhne and patience, but it is often known Ballban which was attributed to (gum Alchari).

I go to shahar let Emana you can not find dates find PANA

Among the benefits of Alkndr: It is tonic for the heart and brain and is useful from apathy and forgetfulness, misunderstanding, which is beneficial from blowing diarrhea blood if drinking or Seve him half a dirham "spoon small", and the doctors, the Pharaohs they use in the treatment of mania and expel evil spirits. He goes cough and foul play, chest pain and weakness and wasting of kidney and serves as a medicine and breaking its unity, and drank to Mthagalin. It has many other benefits.

One way to use it: a small spoon of powder dissolved in water Alkndr "can Alkndr marinating in the evening until morning," and drink on an empty stomach every day once.

Falcndr is the gum above is a homogenous mixture of resin, gum, volatile oil extracted from trees no more than the length of the arms Emczukp her papers chips Wallace and fruit such as fruit Wallace. Has said I'm Smjon "Alkndr Farsi is gum Arabic," said Asmaee "Three things that do not only be in Yemen has filled the earth: Alors, frankincense, and nerve (ie chilled Yemen).

Scientifically known as Boswellia Carterii.

And gum trees do not grow in the plains, but only in the mountains and Kunder smell and taste over the distinctive and the utilization of trees Alkndr: Frankincense and cobalt leg.

How can I get from Alkndr Ocjad Alkndr?

Issuing the Alkndr of trees and legs that Bkhaddchha ax sharp left and then come out to a viscous liquid, yellowish brown in color and freezes scarified the place of legs, and then combine those of a solid Alkndr This is the main source of Kunder is Oman and Yemen. What is the chemical content of Kunder? - Alkndr consists of a homogeneous mixture of about 60% resin and about 25% gum, about 5% essential oils and a compound known as Aolbyn time and materials and the most important vehicles Vilanderin oil, and Beinin.

Why did the ancient Alkndr?

Use Alkndr Ballban or so-called male or gum tree from hundreds of years and is used widely, especially when the Arabs in which he said David Antioch in the ticket:

Kunder: is chewing gum! To mention is called Bustj, gum tree about arms and thorny leaves Callas reap them in the sun cancer is not only Baahr and the mountains of Yemen, and mentioned him round steel whitish-reddish, and the female white fragile and may delay the soft and makes the tractor in the water and drag you visted, called Trundler, keep measuring about twenty years, which is hot in the third or second dry or the wet Ijbs blood, especially the crust, and vacated sores and filtering sound and purifies the sputum, especially of the head with mastic and cut the bad smell and hardness of breath, coughing and asthma with glue, and the weakness of the stomach, wind, heavy-handed and Rtobat head and forgetting Su understanding of honey or sugar breakfast and Galloway Alquabe and the like vinegar dressings and out of the bones of cold chronic if you drink oil, honey and maintenance for water, Albiadhar tumors with asphalt ء and sores chest and about Alquabe warts Balntron, stretching and anesthesia and vinegar, and Whitlow work, and all Asalabat of fat and Zake Bnankhuah and other diseases of phlegm, water, and analysis of all Mlabp Balcherj and pathogenic ear with oil at all, and white and scabies, and the darkness and itching and rigidity of blood Ekhala especially honey, as well as tear and thickness and Thrush and cuts the eye in particular smoke community in copper, and removes the sores are all invisible was Ooazahrp drink and coating, and the offset nausea and vomiting, diphtheria, asthma, glue, and the weight of the tongue Bzbeb mountain thyme and blood emitted at all and the weakness of Beh Actinmreshet war, and the dissemination of hair anointed ace, smoke expels pests, and fit in the air and epidemic and decay or, the peeling was reported in parts of bleeding and to strengthen the stomach ء as well as ringing in the wounds, Alqtor the ear, and fruit tree-like love Ace removes dysentery, which Isdh Mahror Egerq and asks lots of blood, taking care of the sugar, it hardens steel nut chewing or Albesbabp with him and with them the secret of spermatozoa in the visible, which becomes inflamed it adulterated should be avoided, and drank half the weight.

It is used with gum arabic to break the bad smell and hardness of breath, coughing and asthma with honey and sugar to weakness of the stomach, wind and Rtobat head and Alencia, and with water to other diseases, sputum, and with eggs full maturity of the weakness of the righteous, and use disinfectant are described as proven from Alkndr with parsley which is taken as one tablespoon of Alkndr and fried with about two tablespoons of parsley, with two cups of water and boil until concentrated water to one cup and is formed by thick drink half in the evening and the other half in the morning, it is very useful for Ola severe coughing and flu. is also used for the treatment of cough in children, where soaked him to fill a spoon small night with a glass of milk and then given to the child than half of the morning. also uses soaked in warm water and drink it the equivalent of a cup of coffee in the morning on an empty stomach and another in the evening at bedtime and to cure many cases, such as coughing and weakness of the stomach and remove the phlegm and the pain of rheumatism.

Also mixed with olive oil or sesame seeds to remove the pain of the ear. And mixed with raisins and thyme mountain for the treatment of the weight of the tongue.

Murr and gum known as male or Ballban Alkndr or Alchari is useful against cough is best soaked in water and drink in the morning and intake is to fill the spoon to eat soaked in filling a cup of cold water and leave 12 hours and then filtered and drink. It is also useful for those who suffer from the pain of the gums Kamadamadp.

Ibn al-Bitar: "Alkndr arrested and heated and Galloway darkness of sight, filled sores antique Edmaha and affix surgery soft and Edmlha and cut bleeding from any position he was bleeding from blocking the brain, who is called Sasa, a type of nosebleed and inhabited. Prevents sores that in the complex and in the other members , when it is mixed with honey healed burns, burn phlegm and dry Rtobat chest and strengthens the stomach vulnerable and heated by. Alkndr digest food and expel the wind. "smoke Alkndr if burned with mushrooms grow up Alcart." has been used by ancient Egyptians paint externally homes for headaches, rheumatism, eczema and rot burns and the pain of the joints and remove wrinkles face.

Ibn Sina: Jack box.

Essence: It may be in the country known to the Greek city of Alkndr be's north called Almrabat This country and the reality of the sea, wholesale sea, that is confused their way and the wind blows different they are afraid of refraction of the ship or Anjaragaha of wind different to another location they go to the country named Almrabat and bring this country Alkndr boats, many traffickers traders may also be's north India and color to ruby what is the color of eggplant The trick him so that the shape of a round to take him and Iqtaoh absolutely square and get it in a jar Idhrgeonha even turns around and he is still a long time becomes its color to blond.
Hanin quality is what is Alkndr's north, a Greek named above, who is called Staonis What was it in this manner is not broken into, a rapid and white if the break was inside affix right and if it breaks if smoked quickly. Alkndr's north may be West, which is below the first quality and said to him Qovsfos Hasa is the smallest and Omiha to the color of rubies. Deskoraydos said: It is a different type called Alkndr Omomcitts is white and if you rub it wafted the smell of mastic. The Scams Alkndr pine gum, gum as an Arab Alkndr gum tree only., knowledge if the fraud was easy and that gum arabic is not inflamed by the fire and dammar, smoking and Alkndr Flaring. might be inferred also tainted by the smell may be used from Alkndr gum ileum and Alakecar smoke and parts of the tree all and in particular the papers and cheat. Choice: best of these items from the white male Trundler glioma subcontractors and gold crushed. Printing: Peeler dryer are in the second, a fraction of the coldest and Alkndr Alkndr hot in the second in the first dryer and dryer within the crust of the third. Features: no drying strong and captured only weak and drying of the peeler and the maturation and not in the crust not alone in the peeler and racing to the flesh Habis blood. and Begrudging it burns blood smoke more drying and taking possession. Some of them said: Red evacuated from the White and the strength of ileum weakened Alkndr. adornment: made with honey and Akecorh Whitlow goes good effects sores and served with vinegar and oil to Tokha of pain called the compound displays a wrench in the body with something Kaltalel Kdbeb ant. tumors and warts: with Kimulya and fat Roses on the tumor hot in the breast and enter the bandages analyzed tumors viscera. wounds and sores: dimpled and very particularly for surgery soft and prevents malware from spreading and Alquabe fat with duck and pork fat and sores craft of cracks cold and fit sores away from the burn. members of the Cape: benefit mind Ricoih. and people from ordering addiction to drink Nkiah on an empty stomach and Begrudging him broken and washed by the head and might have confused Balntron Vinki lichen and dried his sores and dripping in the ear Alojap syrup and is mixed with Bzvt or oil or milk benefit from Cdech concha coating and cut bled Alravi collector, a drug useful in trauma to the ear. members of the Eye: competencies for ulcers on the eye and filled and mature tumor chronic. and smoke benefit of the tumor hot and cut Ceylon Rtobat eye and competencies for sores poor and purifies the cornea in the period which under the cornea, a senior medicine for Pterygium Red chronic benefit of cancer in the eye. members of the self and the chest: If you mix and fat Bakimulya Roses benefit of tumors in the breast was warm childbirth and enter the drug shin lung. The members of Food: vomiting and confined Peeler strengthens the stomach and holding it, the most overheating of the stomach and most useful in digestion and Alakecar the whole of the stomach relaxed. The members of Alinvd: lock creation and Aldhirb and bleeding from the uterus and crippling and beneficial Dosentaria and prevent the spread of sores malignant crippling if they took him to the wick. diets: benefit from diets Albulgmip. a. e.

Frankincense Zvari .. Treasure the many benefits

There are many economic resources of the Governorate of Dhofar, Sultanate of Oman since ancient times. The gum tree is one of these resources that will generate good income for their people. The importance of this tree as a result of material produced, which are used in a variety of purposes both in the fields of medicine or household or in family religious occasions and weddings in the church next to the daily usage in homes in the form of incense smell good. Are also used by some in the process of gum, especially women, in addition to other uses. And some have called this tree b «the sacred tree». Frankincense tree grows naturally on the edges affected by the monsoon in this province. In view of this tree represents the importance of historical, natural, religious, economic and health, they took her many studies and scientific theses around, which dealt with the tree from different angles. The hard truth around the Dhofar apart from the rest of Oman and folders in planting this tree.

It was for that is a pillar of trade statute in the south of the Arabian Peninsula in the past and an important source of income is renowned Dhofar produces the finest frankincense in the world to provide the appropriate environment for the growth of trees in small groups, and have high frankincense tree about three meters and is able to give, after eight or ten years of cultivation. The frankincense tree occupied very important match for the value of gold and the gifts of kings. And continues to play an important role until modern times. Is called the best types of chewing gum name «incense Silver» and produced in the Governorate of Dhofar. And has been described by Pliny of the Romans, art gum as «a shiny white material gathered at dawn in the form of drops or tears like pearls» pearls is that the intention of this article, which produces resin when injured trees in certain locations.

And scientific theses last came around the tree and its characteristics thesis Fadil Mohsen ibn Muslim ibn al-Hassan al-Ameri, who presented his study to obtain a Doctor of the Moscow Academy of Agricultural Sciences and under the supervision of Sultan Qaboos University, where he conducted field research in six sites in Dhofar Governorate environment was the spread of tree Frankincense and characteristics of scientific, medical and environmental. The theme of the thesis, the environmental characteristics of the gum trees in the province of Dhofar.

Shows the Amery said his thesis is the first of its kind dealing with in a scientific tree gum in the Sultanate, and scientific studies of the few level globally, and this is due to the fact that trees gum to grow in isolated areas a little bit, so if we talked about the tree from the perspective of a vegetarian and although the tree is called the sacred tree and uses her religious and mentioned in the Bible, but that its registration was delayed until the year 1846.

Deals with the thesis of Dr. Ameri number of points about the environmental characteristics of the spread of tree gum and classify plant next to the attributes the phenomenon. The researcher says that the tree is of great importance to the economic level, where people collect gum and to sell in the cities, and use it to treat various illnesses, and evaporation, as well as leaves are used as feed for animals and flowers are the source for the collection of honey.

He adds that this tree grows naturally without human intervention on the edges affected by the monsoon and the estimated area that grows the trees, frankincense 4 thousand square kilometers, adding that studies indicate that the Governorate of Dhofar, was until recently produce between 6 to 6 thousand tons per year Article from chewing gum, and gum is 75% of the revenues of the country. Also explains the researcher to the importance of this tree for the future and economic importance as the material for chewing gum in great demand at churches and temples and traditional medicine, and there are studies on the use of frankincense in modern medicine.

Also important for tourism with this tree is considered sacred and do not grow only in limited areas of the world so it is suitable for ESO gum tree, where drought-tolerant and low rainfall and high temperatures. The researcher says that in conditions of economic competition and the existence of different types of chewing gum in the world market must be the work of the certificate of origin to that of Oman and to identify the chemical components of chewing gum.

This in turn will lead to resolve a number of issues, including classification of chewing gum to the steps of the scientific basis and adjust the prices of gum at the global level, and optimal use of it through the export, not only benefit from crude gum, but its components according to market requirements. He added that after studying for deploying gum trees in the mountains of Dhofar shows that there is vast potential for cultivation of this tree is economically feasible.

On the other advantages of the chewing gum substance according to the researcher: what distinguishes the Frankincense of Oman and a high proportion of material Alvabennin and the absence of material Aincensol. The gum Alihujeri best for use in folk medicine and burn (incense), while the preferred gum Alcaibi oil production of frankincense. When examining the components of the chemical substance frankincense possible to trace the source and this will lead to the identification of relations between peoples and ancient civilizations.

But on the similarities and differences between the frankincense tree in Dhofar and trees gum in the rest of the world say Ameri, classified material gum locally according to color, purity and time of collection and where you grow the tree gum, have been known for 4 sites and named the type of material chewing them, sites of overlap and there is no boundary between the sites is that the coral (valleys).

A strip near the coast west of Raysut the sea and goes westward to its head Sajid, and that Alczr extension of the northwest Raysut along the Jebel Moon to the borders of Yemen, and that the plateau which is behind a series of mountains of Dhofar on the Empty Quarter, and that Hoger and collected from the northern mountains of Samhan hand, and the Valley Infor. The study showed that by the researcher as the same type of tree.

But there are internal varieties differ in the shape of outer crust of the tree and some other qualities, as well as different color and concentration of some elements in the material by the impact of chewing gum Privacy structure. This so-called people by mistake, Ban said that the female, this talk has not been proven scientifically as the frankincense tree blossoms bear the characteristics of feminine and recall together. There is also in the province of Dhofar one type of gum trees and the scientific name (Boswelliasacra fluec).

This type is only existing in Dhofar, frankincense trees belong to the genus called (Boswellia) is from 25 species of it, and four types of producers of chewing gum material, the kind of Oman and the other type of Indian and two others in the Horn of Africa. There are also differences at the level of form and shape of the tree leaves. The chemical components of the chewing gum substance, there are also other differences, the most important of these differences is the Frankincense of Oman does not contain a substance called ((iusoi, aromatic and contains material which is high up to 83% and called Alvainin.

It also contains Frankincense Omani high percentage of Frankincense oil up to 15%, in addition to that the Omani frankincense has a high percentage of gum. And on the medical uses of a substance according to the researcher that gum chewing gum used in folk medicine on a large scale, the population of Dhofar frankincense use habitat for abdominal pain, chest and sore eyes.

And anti-toxins and heal fractures, noting that recent studies have shown that the active substance responsible for the therapeutic efficacy called acid Alapsolik, and turned out to be the abode of the pain and strengthens the body's immune system, liver and cancer of the blood against infections, and this event is based on the effect of chewing gum on the enzyme lipoxyjenas and that the impact on the mitigation from asthma and sore colon.

It features a textured uric treatment in the long run does not lead to side effects and volatile oils extracted from the gum used in manufacturing perfumes, face cream and treatment of bronchitis.

The areas are cultivated with tree gum in the Governorate of Dhofar landmarks among the parameters and the tourism frequented by visitors coming to this county, where eager tourists and especially the Gulf States to visit those areas and know the importance and history of the trees and the benefits of chewing gum and snapping souvenir pictures beside them. Is also keen to families visiting this province, whether citizens or the Gulf and the Arabs.

And other buying gum Zvari to be used in different purposes. The materials are packaged today in cans, plastic and exported to various countries of the world. Will also present these materials in some exhibitions organized by local and international companies Kalmard held in Japan last year, offering various types of chewing gum within the perfume produced by Omani companies from these materials.

Al-Bayan quoted last updated at 00:10 GMT Monday, September 6, 2004

In an article quoting from the website Nazwa

Alkndr in reality, it is chewing the familiar and the finest types in the fumigation a form which is called in Arabic vernacular name of the gum above, and the word frankincense are of Arab origin, an old and contained in the inscriptions line predicate, and moved the old word to the Greek language became Libanos though named in some European languages is different from the word in English is called Frankincense The word is Kunder Cover food origin.

Are found in the Dhofar four types of Alkndr varied among regions and over the rise, and distancing itself from the coast Ajodha:

Frankincense "Alihujeri" the purest Alkndr who grow trees in the eastern parts of the Dhofar region.

Frankincense "Najdi" following Alihujeri in quality and grow Ocja Rh in the "find" located to the north of the central highlands of Dhofar.

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