The ennnemis of the nail

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The ennnemis of the nail

The nail is covered with a film lipid and contains little moisture they learn that the 1st thing do not do what the stations are extended into the water, even if it does not contain chemicals managers must therefore
they learn to wear gloves. The water swells the layers of keratin, it weakens, the disconnect and dry.

The cold, excessive dryness are also enemies. In cold weather wearing warm gloves also reduce this risk.

The nails are not tools either, they should not be used as such, for example, scrape off something in lifting hook bottle caps, pull drawers, knocking constantly on the fingertips a computer keyboard, telephone etc.. ... micro shocks hurt the finger, they can break, split, the finger is more convenient and avoids excessive use of her nails.

The base must be laid before the installation of a wall it will varnish pigment contained therein. But even if the client does not polish her nails protect the base from external aggression, it will enable them to protect them, do not we put a day cream on the face and tonight our night cream. A database to prevent nails from drying to become soft and brittle splitting if it is treating the nails will be fine and he never let these efforts.

Fine polish it deserves. The nails are impaired longer inevitable, we have weapons to correct them and to revive the desire our customers to address their hands. Who has not felt the pleasure and saw the smile of a client to whom you made a nice manicure. We always have our hands before our eyes, so it is more pleasant for us and our beautiful surroundings and they cared.

A healthy lifestyle is also necessary. Minerals (calcium, iodine, sulfur, iron and magésium) and vitamins (A, B, B2, B6, B12, D) and silicon content in our diet will contribute to growth and healthy nails.
Everything that was mentioned at the beginning of the article, you already know and you know skillfully talk with your client at the appropriate time. The maintenance of nails you will do as a professional and these actions the client can not reproduce. However in order to prolong and sustain the benefits of his manicures all the advice you provide him continue in the will reinforce the confidence, or she will now go for the care of hands and there it will return for purchases of products and future appointments.

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