Treating acne with CAM

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Treating acne with CAM

Read the new book from France Coudenhove - Natural Medicine, there are several methods to treat acne through natural methods. Trace elements, phytotherapy, homeopathy, essential oils ... for you to test what works best for your skin.

Homeopathy: Selenium metallicum 9 CH 15 CH + Kalium Bromatum. 5 granules morning, noon and night, at the same time, for three months.

Herbal Medicine: Burdock, Nettle Wild, Wild Pansy. One capsule each morning, noon and evening for three months. Take the three plants at the same time several weeks, very effective on the appearance of the skin, improves the 'T' zone fat in times of acne.

Essential Oils - For adults only and prohibited during pregnancy. Fine Lavender + Geranium + Tea tree fragrant. 5 drops of each diluted with 100 mL of neutral vegetable oil, for 20 days. Massage your face every night with this mixture.

Trace elements: zinc. 1 bulb to drink a little water morning and evening for three months. Very effective on blackheads, pimples and oily skin.

Bach Flowers Chestnut Bud. 3 drops under the tongue morning and evening for three weeks. And for teenagers, you can add a cocktail anti-fatigue and demotivation with Hornbeam + Mustard: 3 drops under the tongue each morning and evening for three months.

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