Air pollution and diseases

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Air pollution and diseases

Months, diseases caused by air pollution.
• pneumonia
The lungs, or both; because of bacteria or virus, or fungi.

- Infected by breathing air loaded with bacteria or virus, while sneezing or coughing.

• Symptoms:
- High heat.
- Fatigue and a thrill.
- Cough associated Bbulgm.

• bronchitis
Affects the mucous membrane of bronchodilators.
- High temperature - chest pain - cough.

• Sensitivity:
- Show some exposure to materials found around them.
- Produced by house dust, hair, pets, or air pollution, smoking, and especially children Mahatin smokers.

• Symptoms:
- Sneezing, shortness of breath.
- Headaches and intestinal disorders.
- Increased secretion of mucus.

• asthma
- Affects the lungs, where narrow duct; breathing because of minute objects, dust the air.
- Smoking contributes to a large part in the incidence of asthma.

• Symptoms:
- Difficulty in breathing.
- Constriction in the chest.
- Increase the secretion of viscous mucus (sputum).

• tuberculosis (TB):
- A contagious disease transmitted through the air, or contaminated food, afflicts the lungs, or any other member of the body, like bones.
- Transmitted from mouth spray, sneezing, or spitting, and using the tools of the patient, and through milk and milk products non-sterile.

- Lack of weight.
- Loss of appetite.
- Cough.
- High body temperature.
- Night sweats.
- Fatigue.
- Indigestion.

Is an inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, and is transmitted through the breath, sneezing, and coughing.
• Symptoms:
- Stuffy nose.
- Difficulty in breathing.
- Chills.
- Loss of appetite.
- Pain in the throat.
- Dyspnoea.
- High body temperature.
- Fatigue.
- Transmitted the infection to the ears, sinuses, and eyes.

• Cough:
Is a sudden surge and strong air from the lungs, rids the body of harmful substances, but published germs.

• whooping cough:
Serious illness of the respiratory system. Has taken its name from the voice of a patient sigh, when trying to breath after coughing.

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