7 tips to reduce urinary leakage

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7 tips to reduce urinary leakage

7 tips to reduce leaks urinairesLes bladder, embarrassing or downright debilitating, are common. It is estimated that a postmenopausal woman in 4 is affected by urinary incontinence to varying degrees. But leaks can also affect young women. Here are 7 tips to reduce urinary leakage.
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1) Against bladder: fight against constipation.

Constipation is well known to aggravate the bladder, stool putting pressure on the bladder. To minimize any risk of constipation, it is necessary to eat well at every meal of fruit and vegetables, and cereals, preferably complete.

2) Against bladder: Be Active!

Physical activity helps strengthen all muscles, including the pelvic floor, provided they avoid activities that require jumping (jogging, step ...). After childbirth and incontinence as a beginner, it is also recommended to perform specific exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor (Kegel exercises).

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3) Fight against the bulge.
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Any excess weight causes extra pressure and constant on the bladder and pelvic floor muscles, which eventually weaken.

4) Against bladder: Give up smoking permanently, all.

Exposure to tobacco smoke poses a risk of chronic cough, which can lead to urinary incontinence or aggravate existing.

5) Against bladder: Prevent UTIs

Urinary tract infections can cause complications such as inflammation of the bladder and therefore urges urgent and frequent. Cures cranberry juice is recommended for prevention, this little red berry with antibacterial properties.

6) Drink a lot.

Water course, and very regularly throughout the day, except the night when it is better to reduce its consumption of drink. Tip: Avoid alcohol, caffeinated drinks and citrus juices, as these drinks are irritating to the bladder.

7) Beware of medications.

Some medications can cause or worsen urinary incontinence: antihypertensives, antidepressants, diuretics, sedatives, muscle relaxants, etc.. Talk to your doctor, it may in some cases offer an alternative.

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