WFP food is best to purify the liver

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WFP food is best to purify the liver

WFP food is better

Liver is the most important members of the human body, because it rids the body of toxins and all waste resulting from the burning of food, which is also, which rids the body of excess water and grease, which cause increased body weight, so it is necessary to follow the nutritional programs working to purify the liver and clean so can performance of his duties efficiently without the need for drugs.
First: You must stay away completely from all that hinders the development process of the liver, such as:
- Coffee.
- Red meat.
- Whole milk.
- Fat difficult to digest.
- A diet rich in sugars.
Second: a program for the purification of a one-week after the liver would be renewed and re-active and work better:
Breakfast: two types of group I + three types of a second.
Lunch: two types of the first group + two types of group Althainp + one type of the third set.
Dinner: two types of the first group + two types of group Althainp + one type of the third set.
Here, we display the groups:
Group I: containing foods that purify the liver, namely:
- The head of the beet plant.
- Apple.
- Pears.
- 150 grams of cabbage or spinach, or cauliflower.
- A small banana.
- Carrot one.
- A single egg.
Group B: These are the main meal:
- Option.
- Watermelon red or yellow.
- Grapes.
- Tomato.
- Peach.
- Green beans.
- Mango.
- Red pepper or green.
- Zucchini.

- Draw.
- Grapefruit.
- Radishes.
- Celery.
Group III: It helps the sense of satiety:
75 gm thickness.
- 75 gram fruits of the sea (cancer or shrimp).
- 75 grams of chicken or turkey.
- 150 g boiled potatoes.
- 150 ml skimmed milk.
- A small amount of skimmed milk curd.
- 50 grams grit before cooking.
After finishing the week will be the liver has been purified completely Alcoib that may hamper the performance and functions effectively, so be careful when you return to eating normally not over-eat meat, fat and fatty liver and all that tired.
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