Nuts lower cholesterol levels

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Nuts lower cholesterol levels

A new study shows that eating nuts may help reduce cholesterol levels.

The site de Health News reported that researchers from the University of Loma Linda, California, collected data from 25 test on the consumption of nuts included 583 people with cholesterol levels in normal or high were not taking drugs to reduce fat.

The participants in the study about 67 grams of nuts a day, "Almond and coconut and others."

The study showed that eating nuts was associated with a decline by 1.5 percent in the rate of cholesterol concentration and decreased by 4.7 percent in the rate of low-density lipoprotein and triglycerides declined by 2.10 percent in people who have this percentage was high for them.

However, the study author Joan Sabbati recommended not to eat more than 85 grams of nuts a day.

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