Permanent activity .. The secret of eternal youth

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Permanent activity .. The secret of eternal youth

A professor at an American in anatomy and physiology and mechanisms of movement of the body, especially when people that as long as you physically and mentally active, and lived a life far from inactivity and monotony, it could reach eighty he feels young and healthy.

The website "Health Day News," The Lawrence Goulding "81 years", a professor at the University of Nevada in Los Angeles organized sports activities for men on campus during weekends for many years in order to maintain their physical fitness and mental.

The ages of those enrolled in sports activities when it began between 30 and 51 years old and have been following them for more than twenty years and are now reaping the benefits thanks to their commitment to them.

Goulding said, "The definitions of aging is never being able to do physical things I used to do when I was younger."

The Goulding, who has continued to administer these sports activities until two years ago and stopped because of "logistical problems" such as the lack of parking spaces and a meeting hall at the university "that people who exercise regularly they can do things that used to do when they were in the twenties."

The researchers said that a healthy lifestyle and stay in alert mentally and physically and to socialize with people and exercise regularly away chronic diseases and contributes to longevity.

They added that this rule applies to women too, as according to a study which involved 27 thousand women in the fifth and fifty years of age who had had the sport down the rate of contracting heart disease by 40%.

For his part, said Dr. Walter Bortiz, a professor of internal medicine at the Medical College, Stanford University "The legs are the most important organs in the body of veteran .. and if kept in good condition, the other members take care of itself."

The Bortiz "If you do not fall to the ground and your hips and break your heart remained intact will remain strong and continue your sex life good and same applies to your brain and spend less money on your health."

Bortiz finally urged people of all ages to exercise, adding, "even those who are in the seventies of the age is still some immensely powerful to increase the flexibility and activity."

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