A vaccine for the disease, hardening of the arteries

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A vaccine for the disease, hardening of the arteries

Scientists Warn Virus Could Cause Heart Disease In Adults

The possibility of T-lymphocytes, which have a role in identifying all the foreign objects on the body, attacking the bad cholesterol "LDL" leading to a response "inflammatory" causing the disease atherosclerosis. In this regard, the architect of Swedish researchers at the Institute "Karolinska", a vaccine aimed at one of the receptors, on the surface of lymphocytes, the immune system.

This was previously assumed that infections affecting the blood vessels occurs when T cells interact with atoms of defense oxidized "bad" cholesterol on the artery walls. Usually, the cause this type of interaction is harmful to health. In a normal situation, is to silence this interaction by a group of receptors. This means that the control mechanisms in the body works well when it is "bad" cholesterol found in blood and liver and lymph nodes. But when this cholesterol accumulates on the walls of the arteries, the mechanisms thus become what is disorder in which T cells against the weaponization of atoms "bad" cholesterol. What is causing the inflammation.

At present, the findings suggest that the new vaccine, which targets a receptor on the surface of T cells, succeeded in silencing the immune response, except for reducing the risk of developing hardening of the arteries by 60 percent to 70 percent in laboratory animals. Therefore, these researchers working on engineering a human variant of the vaccine that will prevent patients at high risk for heart attack or related to a stroke.

It seems that antioxidant drugs have not yet succeeded in protection from cardiovascular diseases. It protects the patient simply oxidation of bad cholesterol. However, it is not able to prevent T cells from attacking the concentrations of cholesterol.

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