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(Convulsions gases)

Complaints is one of the medical emergency faced by the emergency department doctor, which is a common condition in children aged between six months and five years, which infects an average of 2 to 5 children per 1000 children.

ما هو التشنج الحراري وأعراضه.. عند الأطفال؟

There is no obvious reason for it. The difficulty here is that parents bring their child while they were scared because of the situation that their child watched them thinking they Sevkaddonh.

The mission of the emergency doctor is first and foremost to calm parents, then start previews the patient to make sure that the Governor of the airway is open, and there are no secretions or vomit may enter into the airway Vaiglgah, then make sure at the same time that the patient is breathing normally , then begin the first steps of treatment development of a needle and intravenous medications to give way to stop the chaos in the case of continuation.

And medicine (for Orazibam Lorazepam), also known as «Otefan» and «Timiseta» is considered one of the best medicines which can be used in such cases, which is characterized by ineffective work period described some time to the medium, followed by giving another drug is (Diaziban Diazepam) commonly known as «Valime »This is characterized by the possibility of giving it to the patient through the anus in the case of intractable given intravenously, the drugs given to the patient decreases heat.

Then take the patient's vital signs (temperature, pulse and blood pressure) to ensure stability without forgetting to take the rate of sugar in the blood.

(Viral infections)

And then begin the doctor to make sure the cause of the high temperature which have led to convulsions in children and by conducting a clinical examination first and review the results of tests conducted upon the arrival of the patient, in the case of the doctor to find out why it obviates any analysis laboratory to the patient.

Hence, it is treatment for this patient is given trazodone, heat only, as more than 90 per cent of cases are due to infections viral upper respiratory tract sore tonsils, ear, throat, or flu, or pneumonia, and also because of influenza intestinal, and sometimes because of the high temperature, which happens to some children after taking the vaccine, such as triangular or measles vaccination, or even because of the high air temperature in the summer very hot. This situation does not need antibiotics.

(Marks a task)

Symptoms that must be provided in spasm and heat so as not to concern the doctor and parents, including:
That the convulsions caused by the rise in temperature, and the temperature in the range 38.5-39 degrees Celsius.
To be general convulsions the whole body and not in a particular part only.
That these reactions do not last more than 10 to 15 minutes.
Not be repeated convulsions during illness warming.

In the absence of these symptoms or the proportion of awareness of the patient's lower than normal, and remained so for a long time or the doctor vulnerable one of the parties to the patient, that requires a laboratory analyzes more complex up to an ultrasound scan of the brain and taking a sample of liquid spinal cord to exclude the presence meningitis.

(Exposure of convulsions)

There are some characteristics make patients more vulnerable to recurring seizures gases, which in the case of presence will be required to alert parents to the doctor so, including:
The fact that the patient's age is less than one year.
Patients with a history of convulsions thermal family.

It should be noted that the degree of temperature rise does not make the child more likely than others to fit thermal tension, ie the fact that the temperature 39 degrees C is no worse than 38 degrees, but they are indicative of the speed of this rise.

The proportion of the transformation of this to epilepsy in the future is less than 5 per cent. There is no treatment to prevent heat cramps, but the treatment is only directed at the cause of the rise in temperature.

(Parental education)

It is important here to explain the situation to parents as a benign condition and does not involve any complications, and are advised to always maintain the interest to reduce the temperature of the child, if increased, by a convulsion and that putting it in a cool place, with the work of lukewarm water compresses. Not recommended to use ice.

And train parents on how to set (Valium) through the anus, and on how to measure the temperature of the child properly.

It is recommended parents offer the child to a doctor immediately in the following cases:
If you continue to convulsions more than 5 minutes.
If the child has encountered difficulty in breathing, or blue color.
If there is any injury to a child is moving because of convulsions.

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