Heartburn and indigestion

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Heartburn and indigestion

حرقة  الفؤاد و عسر الهضم

Heartburn and indigestion are common terms of art but are not limited to quite used to describe the burning pain and repeatedly in the upper abdomen or lower part of the chest.

Pain is often accompanied by the taste of it through his mouth, and a sense of swelling. Uses the term indigestion (or bad digestion) is sometimes used to describe a similar pain occurs after eating.

Affects heartburn and indigestion 20% to 30% of Americans and are more common with advancing age although it can affect people of all ages.

May occur symptoms because of many different and include disease stream reverse gastric reflux, and inflammation of gastric and ulcer Albbsenip, and gravel bitterness, angina pectoris, the pain the patient feels in the chest due to lack of oxygen contained in the heart, can also cause pain in the upper abdomen especially if the bottom of the heart is suffering lack of oxygen.

Treatment options:

You can often be dealt with heartburn or indigestion without going to the doctor, since there are drugs and blockers of the acidity or impediments to the antihistamines, which are available without a prescription, and usefulness of reducing the amount of gastric acid may lead to the elimination of symptoms. It is necessary to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking cessation.

Some people have reported they have recovered to address the different treatments of alternative medicine. If the situation does not improve indigestion experienced by despite Following these treatments, or if the Taodk situation immediately as soon as you pause your treatment or if you lose your appetite and lose weight, or if you have other irritating symptoms, go to the doctor.

Heartburn: Tip d. As long as Fam / Harvard Medical School

Come to the specialists of the digestive system of large numbers of patients asking them help for treatment of heartburn troubles, but there are many more people suffer the hassle and do nothing to remedy them, but they say: "It's heartburn do not need to do something!".

Still, the damage caused by gastric acid stream can lead to the formation of scar (ie, Detlev tissue) in the esophagus (which cause difficulty in swallowing) or to a condition called Barrett's esophagus, a condition prior to the cancer.

It is therefore important that the individuals to inform their physicians as they suffer from the symptoms of heartburn, although simple. Often not be a need for tests, treatment may be easy and inexpensive, such as the systematic use of medication does not need to spent a prescription, but you should tell your doctor your situation this anyway.

Alternative Medicine: heartburn:

Try one of the following alternative treatments to help reduce heartburn:

- Ginger root: taken in the form of capsules after a meal (which may help to absorb the acid)
- An overview of liquorice: taken in the form of tablets or powder before meals and before bed (which may help to reduce acid production, but using it for a week or two, because some types of licorice raises blood pressure)
- Herbal time: such as gentian root buttercup and absinth and Murr (Jawldensel) in the form of capsules or liquid before meals Abstract
- Tsp baking soda in a cup of water
- Aromatic herbs: like catnip (valerian) and fennel (used to make tea)
- Chamomile (Chamomile) with the root of the marshmallow
- Chinese acupuncture
- Techniques for reducing tension such as the interaction Alastrechaii, nutrition vital feedback, hypnotherapy, and some yoga movements

Indigestion: Tip d. -Caliber / Harvard Medical School

Q: I suffer from indigestion, go back sometimes and at other times. The situation is not bad but is bothering me. Is there any to do I prevent this situation?

A: Yes, there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent indigestion.

- Do not eat too much food in one meal.
- Avoid irritants such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are aspirin and ibuprofen and Nabroxin.
- Thereby reducing food intake, such as acidic fruit juices, tomatoes, fatty foods and caffeine.
- You eat slowly, and relax after a meal, but do not lie after you eat directly (but wait for two or three), and play sports as well as after you eat directly (if that sporting activity draws blood away from the stomach and hinder digestion). If the worse case of indigestion or feel pain, go to the doctor.

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