The causes and ways to treat recurrent mouth ulcers

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The causes and ways to treat recurrent mouth ulcers

Some people have sores in the mouth repeatedly and annoying, as it is usually associated with the type of pain and itching, especially when eating.

The sores disappear and appear again and again, which fall into confusion and concern is critical.
And sometimes get some chronic ulcers but not painful and sometimes remarkable discovered one by accident when visiting the dentist.

This very serious chronic ulcers, and may be the beginnings of some types of cancer and serious that affect the mouth may be associated with serious diseases such as immune deficiency diseases and diseases of the digestive system.

In general, the multiple causes of oral ulcers may occur as a result of viral or bacterial infections or environmental and other times not known.

Today we will shed light on the most common are sores that appear frequently, and leave other chronic another time as it needs a lot of detail.

But in this issue I would like to draw an important message to those who suffer from chronic ulcers are not neglected and go immediately to the dentist to detect it as soon as possible because it may be very serious could have been avoided before it is too late.

Mouth sores
More common lesions is known as the Baltegrahat mouth (Recurrent Apthous Ulcers) which is a blistering strike membranes lining the mouth, which appears in several places in the mouth as the gums, lining of the income, tongue, palate and lips.

The number of lesions from one to about ten distributed in parts of the mouth. And oval in shape, and membrane surface was covered by white and surrounded by redness in the surrounding tissue.

Recurrent oral ulcers affect approximately 10 to 12% of the people, according to the available statistics may affect any of the sexual may equally occur in all ages.

And what should be the most important to know is how to diagnosis and treatment. There are three types of these lesions and vary according to size of the lesion, as follows:

- Small oral ulcers (Minor Apthous Ulcer): which are the most common and usually occurs in the front of the mouth, ranging in size from 3 - 6, small in size and usually heal within a few days.

- Large oral ulcers (Major Apthous Ulcer): It is less common than the previous number does not exceed three lesions and the recovery time longer than a small sores.

- Very small lesions (Herpitiform Ulcers): The estimated number of 10 - 100, the least common.

As for the reasons leading to them, Too many unknown and specific. But it is believed by many scholars of Dentistry that mental disorders have a significant impact on the occurrence and genetics as well as disruption of the immune system or the patient's, or eating certain foods that cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth or cause injuries or very hot foods.

Has been associated with chemotherapy for cancer patients in the face and jaws, or radiation therapy, and also the reasons alcohol and smoking Icherahp, do not forget some of the diseases and disorders of the digestive system and chronic anemia.

It is therefore very important to a strict medical examination to ascertain the reasons leading to ulcers, usually the doctor checked my blood as well as taking a sample or swab of the lesion to see if there was any viral or bacterial infections.

This type of sores that disappear quickly with time and may take the healing of sores one week or more and the pain is concentrated in the first two days and then gradually disappears without causing scars.

Usually the treatment period of injury and preventive, intended to alleviate the pain associated with the prevention Thejeha during eating and drinking.

Advised at that time to step up cleaning by brush and toothpaste that does not contain particles that may sometimes lead to the worsening situation of sores.

As well advised to use the mouth rinse containing antibiotic (Chlorhexidiene Mouth Wash) and there are also types of topical ointments that contain material of steroids (Kenelog in Orabase).

It is also possible to use narcotic analgesics Topical (Topical Anesthesia).

Viral lesions
Sores are viral infections and gum and mouth (Gingivostomatitis) are blisters containing liquids and affects the lips, nose and chin sometimes.

The cause of this disease is my first HIV infection Herbis (Herpes Virus Type I) and usually happens before the age of puberty and is transmitted by direct contact with infected persons.

The period of incubation of 2-12 days, where a child is scarred many deployed in many parts of the mouth and be accompanied by a rise in temperature, headache and fatigue during the period of severe injury.

The remains of this virus in the body for many years, causing several injuries in periods close to and in some cases remain idle in the body for long periods.

If repeated injury as a result to activate the virus again called cold infection (cold sore), where the lesions are small and filled with fluid and cause the edges of the lips.

One of the main reasons for recurrence of these ulcers:

High temperature, and lack of immunity in the body and mental disorders and sunburns.

Similar treatment of these ulcers ulcers and mouth, where she is recovering within one week of non-treatment and all Matanajh kind of preventive treatment is to use analgesics topical in the case of pain and a lot of drinking water and fluids and the use of mouth-containing antibiotic as advised to stay away from acid food and salt and sometimes are described as anti-viruses that may reduce the severity of inflammation.

Inflammation of the fungus Candida
Inflammation of the fungus Candida (candidiasis), fungal infection caused by a proliferation of fungus Candida (Candida Albican) in the mouth, usually strikes people who have dentures moving as it affects infants and aging, as well as infectious diseases and worsening diseases and HIV outpatient AIDS .

And also the large number of antibiotics has caused a shortage of natural bacteria in the mouth (Normal Flora) and thus lead to the growth of fungi in abundance.

As to the form appears in several forms of inflammation, although the reason is the same type of fungus that may appear in the area of the membrane or in the form of white lesions scattered in the mucous membranes of the mouth may not be causing the pain.

And sometimes appear in red lesions such as those affecting patients with dentures and be painful at times.

Treatment is made after a thorough examination and find out why the disease, and can say that prevention is better than cure, it is important to follow instructions for proper care of the mouth and teeth, where you must use the soft brush on a regular basis in order to clean the teeth and the affected areas.

As well as the guidance of people who have dentures extreme care and cleaning crew brushing their teeth and removed at night and placed in a solution of water content means rinse teeth.

As for the treatment of residual lesions are using anti-fungal medication, either topical cream or medicine to take by mouth.

And if there was a major cause for the emergence of the fungus that causes the treatment is the best remedy to eliminate them.

According to a study of modern American magazine published General Dentistry finally, that the material extracted from licorice roots of much help in the eradication of mouth ulcers.

Where the use of stickers contain extracts those roots on a sample of patients was Alentjp amazing as it eased the pain associated with dramatically reduced the volume of ulcers than those who did not use those stickers on the contrary, the size of lesions have increased by 13%.

Finally, the dentist who has any kind of these oral lesions to be essential in order to diagnose the correct diagnosis and treatment of any concomitant diseases can be treated in its early stages, before it is too late.

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