Cellulite can be eliminated?

Publié par happy-diet mercredi 21 avril 2010

Cellulite can be eliminated?

As we know, the orange peel (or cellulite, it's the same thing), this is not a disease. But it complicated ... 90% of women! How to combat it? First, knowing the best. It has nothing to do with weight, even if it is related to food. These are also the thin who complain the most!

We can eliminate it? Yes, but not permanently. "It is chronic, it must be maintained throughout his life," being watched "like diabetes or hypertension," says Dr. Benzimra.

She is originally from hormonal-operation? Yes, it is due to an imbalance in the estrogen / progesterone: too much of the former over the latter. In addition, it can persist and even worsen at menopause, because of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) misnomer.

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