Cherry source of energy

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Cherry source of energy

There are markets these days, fruit cherry "the love of kings" as it calls the label in Algeria, the fruit of seasonal expensive as a result of their nutritional value. And have been out several studies and found with a variety of benefits, both when ingested in their natural form or in the form of juice. And mentioned that he had discovered Scientists recently suggested that cranberry juice may be a good drink for those who play sports, and found that it helps to ease the pain after the jog.

Scientists have noted that Cherry is a source of energy natural anti-inflammatory because it contains elements of anti-oxidant.
A study conducted on 60 people between the ages of 18 and 50 years old, that people who drink cranberry juice twice a day in the week before the exercise race running for long distances they have less muscle pain for those who drank other fruit juice.

In this regard, the scientists reported that the food ingredients in a small glass of cherry juice are similar to those found in twenty-three share of fruits and vegetables.
The study found that there are within a quarter of a liter of cranberry juice antioxidants than those found in five servings of peas food "Aljelbanp" or melons or tomatoes or carrots or bananas. Previous research has shown that the antioxidants that target harmful molecules in the body help to prevent cancer, heart disease and stroke, also slows aging.

Accordingly, researchers said that people who live for a long time in the world eat foods that contain a high proportion of antioxidants.
The study showed that food components in cherry enter the bloodstream and increase the activity of antioxidant factors in the body, stressing that dealing with a reasonable amount of cherries can reduce the risk of heart disease, arthritis and anti-inflammatory, and may also reduce the risk of diabetes.

In the same context, the researchers report that a diet rich in cherries reduce weight and cholesterol and inflammation, which is the key factors for heart disease.
Nutrition experts say that eating fruit cherry working to strengthen the memory, and prevent some types of cancer, and maintain the health of the heart.

It is worth mentioning that the cherry fruit is rich in minerals extinguisher of thirst and revitalized the kidneys, provide the body with abundant energy, but in terms of food, the cherry is a good source of potassium and vitamin "A" and "x" and type sour cherries richest in vitamins of the kind, sweet colored dark.

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