eczema eczema hands of housewives

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eczema eczema hands of housewives

Akzime hands or the so-called Bakzime Housewives is a skin disease that affects mainly women and some men who work in cafes and restaurants, this disease causes a lot of inconvenience to the patients Maysbbh him is temporary distortions in the appearance of skin redness, scaling, and severe drought in the hands.

This disease usually, due to exposure to soap powder, especially given that the number of companies in the soap industry has mastered to get the best results for clean definite Vgaet to add some material to give the soap made with those characteristic forgetting the damage will be inflicted by a woman home and the right that some companies have put a warning written on the Some types of Swabenha caution and wear gloves to prevent the problem
Ayda disease may come as a result of exposure to Wade cleaning and touch directly, such as Hand Alklorks and other
Also if the lady was hit by the disease Ithj skin when cutting some types of vegetables, tomatoes, onions and others, and also during the washing of fish and some irritating Wallachia

Symptoms of the disease:

Tzer injury, usually in a specific area of the hand and especially the right hand increased its turf to include all labor and possible moving to hand the other, the infection is in the form of a red, scaling of the skin accompanied by Baktua small and intense itching and in some cases accompanied by inflammation Sdidie and ulceration of the skin

Methods of prevention of this disease:

First, that Ms. When undertaking any work in the house for washing clothes, dishes and chopping of vegetables, fruits and fish washing and touching things that are irritating to wear gloves before nylon quilted cotton

Second: Do not wear powder, soap and cleaning materials directly by hand

III: non-wasteful use of water to wash hands

Fourth: The hands are not exposed for long periods and frequent water

V.: Drying your hands immediately after washing

VI: After the patient is cured on the use of moisturizer to the skin or a suitable Calfazlen for a Nivea Aozi olive and other moisture to the skin

Those instructions to the patient to abide by them always to ease the problem because this type of disease depends mainly on the patient's recovery sha Allaah
Of course, the patient may need some treatments that may Iocefha physician to control the disease, but those instructions preventive stated earlier, is as important as medical treatment

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