Food before medicine - Food Poetry

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Food before medicine - Food Poetry

There are many problems that arise for hair: skin, fat, drought, precipitation, embrittlement. For hair enjoy health must be properly fed believes the hair the necessary essential elements, and a mistake to think that the hair products traded in the market and so expensive, you can do something in the absence of proper nutrition balanced Food is appropriate is the key to healthy hair.

Ironically, many people think that hair care is limited only to take care of the external sweep, polish and fraud and use of sundry of chemical products, but hardly to be so simple, hair needs to be critical components should we provide to him from inside the body through food, what we eat up the latter by blood to the hairline, ie, scalp, and thus to the hair itself.

As for the food, it is beneficial to the hair include:

- Meat of all kinds, especially chicken, this is rich in protein, which supplies hair amino acids that form the basic units in the germination of hair growth and thus give the force necessary to enhance the steadfastness of the scalp, and if we know that these materials accounted for more than 95 percent of the layer of keratin in poetry we realized the importance of securing such materials. The lack of protein contained in the diet makes the hair which is diluted in danger of falling and therefore the incidence of baldness, which is a disaster for some.

- Whole grains, especially wheat germ, it provides hair vitamins Group B which is very important to ensure the health of hair. The group B vitamins important weapon to resist the gray hair and restore hair to natural color, as these vitamins are important to regulate the secretion of the oily material to keep moisture in the hair. Whole grains also contain important elements of poetry such as metal, zinc and iron.

- Spinach, which is rich in vitamin biotin, which are involved in a vital key in the body, especially in relation to Balodhan secreted by the skin and scalp. In the case of vitamin D deficiency is mentioned the hair is exposed to precipitation and embrittlement.

- Carrots, which is packed with a substance beta-carotene - which the body converts to vitamin A. It is very important not to consider, but also for poetry as well.

- Color dark green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, watercress and mallow and others, are full of vitamins and minerals that contribute to the production of the oil by the hair ties, and this article was necessary to ensure the moisture of hair to protect it from exposure to drought and brittle.

- Linseed and fish, especially salmon, oysters, sardines, are rich in omega fatty acids - 3, which causes the absence of food in the dry scalp and hair weak baht loss of vitality and freshness are not strong enough to stand up and falling apart quickly.

- White, it contains quality proteins being composed of all essential amino acids and non-core, as is known better for the body can not be installed so his inevitable secured through food, in contrast to the other, any non-core body can manufacture.

- Nuts and nuts, which is rich in protein and fatty acids that make the hair structure during the stages of a strong composition, also contribute to give hair flexibility and suppleness. The nuts provide some basic metal hair like his, selenium and zinc, Lack of the latter two cause dryness of the scalp and hair loss.

- Legumes such as lentils, beans, chickpeas, which provide the hair quantity of protein and a good group of vitamins and minerals to ensure that the hair health.

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