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Nuts when the Arabs

The Arabs knew nuts since the foot is defined in Egypt as a "Shweiki and walnut" In Libya, calling it the "Luz tanks" In Morocco "Jarja" In Tunisia "Wazwaz," known as peel stalks nuts in Egypt miswak, Moroccan and Saudi Arabia Balderm or Aldermp or Alderman and use Alderm in Saudi Arabia as one of the plastic material as used to dye red lips purple beautiful .. Will talk about Alderm after seeing the medical uses of the fruits and leaves the nut.

David said Antioch in his ticket for walnuts, as follows:

- "Taking pass nut before maturity is good medicine for chest pain, trachea and a chronic cough, indigestion, and tumors of nerve and breast cancer, especially if Shwe and eat hot, and prevents overeating, and peel green nuts if strained, and boil until toughen the panacea for blisters and medicine excellent alopecia, gums, bloody, diphtheria and tumors coating honey bees, which redden the face, lips, coating, and in part with like with the Securities henna if painted by cutting bronchitis, headaches, aging and all the pain, cold Kalvalj gout, and the ashes of nuts benefit from a tear and scabies Ekhala If cooking fresh vinegar and steel slag or soak weeks black hair and his strength and hasan .. peel drive if burned and massaged by the dental eggs and tight flesh relaxed .. If crushing him from vitriol seared (alum Yamani) and drink it every day weight drew gravel solving dysury .. If cooking peel the roots of walnut olive oil until Ithry was painting well for hemorrhoids and disabling diseases.

And nuts appetite, fever, and removes Alcalo sweat a lot and prevents the body.

Popular uses of the coconut:

Using boiled peel fruit nut to open the appetite for food and strengthen the body, sex, and that goal is taken 25 grams of peel fruit green in a liter of water and boil on low heat for half an hour, then sweetened with a little sugar and drink from a cup before each meal and attend to that.

The paper is boiled walnuts useful in cases of fever compresses the work it would also benefit the work of Mkmadat in cases of inflammation of the eyelids and blisters .. It is also used Kmqo hair and massage the scalp and hair Bmenkua securities which at the same time gives it a brightness and softness are not comparable works by boiling 50 grams of leaves in one liter of water and let cool and then uses marinated.

Using boiled leaves nut Kdhan also against diseases such as scabies and skin sores and itching is also used to control heavy sweat the body in general and particularly the feet sweat and be Mkmadat work placements or shower in this race boiled or the operation of topical bath for the feet.

According to the boiled leaves nuts women who complain of vaginal Silanat This Alsellanat often accompany inflammatory diseases such as fungal or microbial Monlia and Alterikumans, and be boiled about 50 grams of leaves in a liter of water and left to cool for a quarter of an hour, then used Kgsayl vaginally.

Peel powder is used to remove the nut Alcalo which occurs in the feet and that Bdlleke this powder and maintaining it.

- Contains nuts on large amounts of fat and proteins like meat and proteins is what makes vegetarians dispensing with walnuts, almonds and nuts for meat, and meat offered in restaurants, natural medicine is a mixture of nuts and some grains mashed .. It also contains nut on a large amount of vitamins and minerals where there is a large amount of phosphorus equivalent to that contained in liver, eggs, fish, rice and the vitamins B, C much more than what is in apples, also contains a small amount of vitamin A also contains a good amount of potassium in addition to the acid tannins .. One of the main contents of fat nut fatty acids such as alpha linolenic acid and linolenic acid, which plays a key role in ensuring the safety and functions of cells and the formation of Albrocsglandin in the body.

Medical uses

In Europe is a walnut leaves home medicine for common situations Alakzemia and inflammation of the eyelid in children, suggests new research papers to the enjoyment of nuts properties of anti-fungal and antiseptic action .. The papers also used to expel intestinal worms and as a tonic for the digestive system.

Infusion using the papers to the skin problems and infections of the eye and Kmqo for the digestive system in cases of poor appetite.

Using infusion of leaves to deal with eczema or wounds and Alsjuhat.

Using infusion of securities of the eye and wash with special cases of conjunctivitis and inflammation of the eyelid.

Infusion using walnut husks to treat chronic diarrhea or Kmqo in cases of anemia .. Is also used to wash with a header in the case of hair loss.

Walnut oil gain hands, face smoother and removes the black and blue marks left by bruises.


- Peanuts is one of the fruit, which gives a large amount of calories, like any kind of nuts as it gives 100 grams of calories between 520 630 calories The reason for this is due to high in fat peanut gives almost 580 kcal per 100 grams pistachios peeled. But the fruit of pistachio distinguishes it contains a high proportion of fatty acids, mono-unsaturated and, as such superior to the rest of the other nuts with more than 70% of the fat (oil) College in the fruit. In other words, the value of health-high, This kind of acids in the reduction of high cholesterol, but leads to the reduction of high cholesterol, especially "bad" cholesterol Lipo protein-Cholesterol (LDL), a which have a role in the process of atherosclerosis has recommended Heart Association to increase consumption of this type of fat (mono).

- Also, this kind of fat linked to cutting fat from the three in the blood, which in turn would raise the health point of view of a person. Also, peanut line and even in the proportion of many metal elements with other nuts but it is characterized by a high proportion of iron and calcium compared with nuts the other is nuts are good sources for one of the essential fatty acids in the human body is acid (linoleic acid) acid, the body needs but does not make it in other words, must be received by the body from abroad (food), so is an essential and important and sensitive Studies have shown that overall contain peanuts on the percentage high level of this acid compared to other nuts. the above is clear than some of the pistachios important elements of the human body.

However, it must begin consumption and eating adequate amounts of peanuts and nuts in general they relate to the lifting of Health but that moderation is very important in this because we, as stated at the outset that the nuts contain a high percentage of fat in other words, they contain a high proportion of calories that are related to link with increased weight to the consumption of approximately 50 - 60 grams of nuts a day will be needed and should not be consumed nuts to spare the time or just for fun. Because the control of food control is important for your health The moderation is required.


A beautiful landscape tree nuts and fruit are used to extract the oil used in skin creams and medicines, and beneficial to strengthen and prevent hair fall and contains phosphorus, calcium, vitamin B and the amount of copper, iron and protein and therefore more weight.


Peanuts lowers cholesterol in the blood

Experiments conducted in the U.S. Center for Agricultural Research to peanuts good for the heart, which is contrary to the concepts known for this type of nuts rich in fat, which was believed to pose a threat to the health of your cardiovascular because it increases the risk of obesity and raise the level of cholesterol in the blood.

The researchers in the U.S. administration for Research in Agriculture peanuts lowers levels of total cholesterol in the blood because it contains the article "resveratrol," which proved effective in maintaining the integrity of heart disease, making it one of types of foods useful contribution in reducing the incidence of heart disease.

However, according to experts at the center of Wisconsin Medical that the low rates of heart disease in people who eat peanuts is due mainly to a vitamin (E) available and not just to the article "resveratrol," and because of the difficulty detecting this substance in the blood of these people.

Peanut contains an article dealing with tuberculosis

May help a chemical found in peanuts in the treatment of tuberculosis, as stated in scientific research.

And TB is the cause of the death of two million people worldwide each year. But many of those who are exposed to bacteria that cause tuberculosis does not appear to have the disease. This shows that in most cases the immune system is strong enough to prevent bacteria from causing disease. It is believed that nitrogen monoxide, a key role in the movement of the body's defenses.

Scientists believe that the shortage of this chemical compound makes individuals more vulnerable to disease. And therefore on the theoretical level may help enhance the level of nitrogen monoxide to solve the problem. One way that would raise the level of this compound is abuse Alargenin capsules used by the body to produce nitrogen monoxide. There is high concentration of arginine in peanuts.

The scientists from the University of Linkoping Swedish experiments to prove this theory in a study of 120 patients with tuberculosis in Ethiopia.

Volunteers were given either arginine capsules or capsules fake for four weeks along with regular treatment.

Has responded to patients who received treatment Alarzininn faster than their peers who did not Itatoh.

Have disappeared at a faster rate of acute symptoms such as coughing, and saliva test showed a lower level of bacteria that cause TB compared with persons who took the capsules delusional. The researchers believe that treatment Balarzinin may help to reduce the duration of use of medication for the treatment of tuberculosis. They also believe that it reduces the risk of transmission of disease through the stages of infection.

The head of the research team, Dr. Thomas Sean is not BBC News Online that it was important to focus on the system of four antibiotics prescribed by the World Health Organization is the most important way to tackle tuberculosis. But he adds that the addition of arginine may represent a new therapeutic option to make treatment more effective, by raising the immune system's ability to respond, due to increased production of nitrogen monoxide.

In areas where there are no capsules Alargenin researchers argue that people can get arginine from some natural sources such as peanuts rich Balarzinien. Dr Sean that other types of materials contain arginine, but peanuts contains a greater concentration of it, in addition to being cheap and readily available everywhere in the world.

It also contains peanuts to other nutrients such as fat, which may have a positive impact in the treatment of the disease. It is believed by Dr. John Harvey of the British Thoracic Society that this research is interesting but needs further study. He says it strengthens other evidence that a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables may protect against the development of lung diseases such as tuberculosis and asthma.

Sensitivities of peanuts

Researchers said that the sensitivities of peanuts may be becoming more common among children has doubled over the past five years in the United States, said Canadian researchers also said they are seeing more cases than expected sensitivity to peanuts, said reports published in the December issue of the Bulletin of Allergy and Immunology that sensitivities of the nuts, which may be fatal remain common, and many food products included in the peanut industry.

She said Munoz Furlong, chief executive and founder of follow-up network sensitivities, food «This study confirms what we hear from a growing number of families and officials in school and other officials of the institutions on the sensitivities of food is increasing and affects the sensitivity of peanuts about 5.1 million Americans and kill about 200 a year the effect of acute sensitivity that it caused.

The British research team revealed that the peanut oil extracted from it may cause various kinds of allergies in children with eczema. Scientists have found that ninety percent of children with some form of allergy caused by peanuts were already suffering from eczema. It was not clear after the link between the two cases, but scientists believe that exposure of the affected skin abrasions or peanut oil extracted from it could trigger some form of allergy. But experts say that parents should not take action until the disclosure of details of the search. The study found that children and one of a hundred children are allergic to peanuts, rather than one child in every hundred, as was previously thought.

The study followed the case of twelve thousand children from the area of Bristol in England as well as their parents and consider the study of the genetic and environmental conditions such as asthma and allergies from food, and depression and cerebral palsy.

Says Dr. Gideon Luck of St. Mary's Hospital in London, who conducted the research, said in case of eczema crashing so-called natural skin barrier, thus leading to accumulation of immune cells and exposure to substances that cause allergies. He adds that he is now under consideration as to whether exposing the skin to substances containing peanut or olive oil is responsible for sensitization. According to Dr Luck, recent research contradicts advice that direction and UK Department of Health for pregnant women and nursing mothers to avoid eating peanuts. According to Dr. Luck that the amount of peanuts that you take nothing to do with mothers of children allergic to peanuts. A spokesperson for the British Association for eczema, a disease that he could not comment until the unfolding details of the search.

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