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Walnut, almond

- Mistake many people do not differentiate between types of fat, believe that the fats and oils generally dangerous, but in fact there are "good" fats is that contain unsaturated fatty acids or mono-and comes on top of the food "nuts," Even though it contains a percentage of fat, but it contains fat useful, as it protects the heart, that as indicated by scientific research which showed the results of one research that nuts play a role in reducing the risk of heart disease, cut the infection rate by more than half because of the researchers in the study that the reason is the content of nuts, higher fatty acids (fats useful ) and that the addition of nuts for food may reduce the rate of LDL cholesterol (LDL) and Game Network cholesterol lowering in general.

In general, nuts are many benefits to being one of the foods that contain a good proportion of dietary fiber that could reach more than 3% as in the cashew nuts and therefore have a good effect on health as dietary fiber associated with the reduction of many problems such as colon therapy and cholesterol-lowering and triglycerides. As the fiber contains many antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamin E and therefore play a key role in reducing the disease atherosclerosis, heart disease, as research suggests that nuts useful in reducing feelings of hunger, as is known, doctors are advised not to leave an empty stomach continuously because it will affect the integrity of the ulcer and bile Tothir infectious them so they are advised to eat the right amount of nuts up to the hand grip (the amount of 50 grams daily) has a good effect to health and the quantity of nuts will have an impact on reducing hunger. This direct effect of nuts on the reduction of hunger may be one of the reasons affecting the ruins of weight but must be nuts in adequate quantities without wasteful extravagance, because that could lead to increased caloric intake.

It has been observed also after the chemical analysis of the nuts they contain a good proportion of potassium, which is an element (metal) very important for the activity of the muscles, especially the heart muscle, protect and strengthen it as containing almonds more than 750 mg potassium was Vcefs sunflower more nuts in their content of potassium as sweaters for 900 mg.

There are some essential nutrients such as iron and calcium in the nuts, good grades, therefore, nuts are just as important to slice children and pregnant women because it gives them the right amount of these two elements that cause problems when Inkhvadan in the blood such as the Palace of blood and osteoporosis, the introduction of adequate amounts of nuts in the diet of all segments the community is needed and useful to reduce many of the problems such as heart disease, as well as treatment for digestive system and supply the body with many essential elements of a and anti-oxidant that protects the embryo from free radicals "oxidative stress", which makes the members in the activity permanently.

And Aldrast modern nutrition refers to the importance of nuts, why food, but also as elements of healing Vmahtwaha metal than all of the content of any fruit, such as phosphorus useful for a food, brain and bone, sulfur and potassium, Vabanndq example, an important food to stimulate career brain bone in the body and a curative for children with severe anemia.

All the nuts do not contain high concentrations of vitamin (C), and that poor vitamin (A), but is rich in vitamin (B) and in particular fatty acids useful to feed the cells .. The benefit of half a kilo of nuts equal to 20 kilograms of beef or sheep, equivalent to 3 km from the chicken meat is free of fat and about 2 km from the eggs of this in terms of protein in nuts of the type the full value is equal to meat in terms of supply the body tags, but is most useful for the reasons the following:

1 - nuts are not acid urine (Albualek) in the body caused by the meat (uric acid cause of many diseases) of various diseases such as arthritis.

2 - nuts are almost free of harmful bacteria in meat, especially in summer (if well preserved).

3 - nuts, egg free of parasites (Caldodp only).

4 - nuts eaten raw and not lose something of its components due to cooking, for example.

5 - fat in nuts is unsaturated so Vdharrha a very small percentage of meat.

6 - of diet on fresh fruits, nuts and useful in the treatment of diseases as diseases of Kathy kidney, liver and circulatory diseases.

7 - There is one drawback with nuts it does not fit the physical (ie, templates for obesity).

According to studies conducted by a university in California, United States Alomrikipon nuts help reduce harmful cholesterol in the blood (LDL) taken up within a month of daily rates because it contains a moderate rate him from unsaturated fats.


Some people is at a loss of nuts does it have the positives or negatives when dealing with? .. Including what we have received many questions from many readers say: Are almonds over weight is there any benefits?.

- Plant an almond tree, perennial up to a height of 12 meters with branches with reddish brown color to the wild species found in some simple no thorns thorns in species

The farm. Leaves simple prolonged and smooth edge. Flowers are distributed in all parts of the plant and flowers appear before leaves in early spring as the plant almond plants that drop their leaves in autumn and continue throughout the abstract of papers

Winter and the flowers have a pink color to the ovary sweaty veined structure. Gray to green fruit covered with hairy and smooth at maturity split this case Imri slave down, and remains of the interior of the fruit of which is a solid wooden figure Menkerp

Planned and when we break this part inside the seed, and sometimes by two oval shape, light brown color with a delicious taste. Almond known by other names like the fairy and the merging is defined as either scientifically Prunus amygdalus platoon of pink, this type is known

Sweet almond sweet almond. There is another kind of bitter almonds almonds know Bitter almond, which is known scientifically as Prunus dulcisvar. The original home of Luz, West Asia and cultivated in most countries of the world and there are in abundance in areas

Cold starting from Taif Kingdom until the end of a mountain range Sarwat. Parts of the plant used Almonds: Fresh fruit and mature as well as plant roots and leaves with the flowers. Chemical content: 1 contents of sweet almond: This type of

Fatty oils by about 57% and fatty acids, and most important of these acids, oleic acid (77%) and linoleic acid (20%) and fluid materials by between 3% and 14 articles by 20 Broconip 25%, as well as sugars and salts, metal

Such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur, manganese and vitamins such as vitamin A, B .2 contents of bitter almonds: Contains bitter almonds Gelokozydat Cianogenip The most important compound which is a composite Alamjadalin up to 8% and the fat is the most important acids

Fatty acid oleic (77%) and linoleic acid (20%) and fluid materials and protein by 35% as well as some minerals. Uses almonds: What has been said about almonds in ancient medicine: The doctor has spoken to the Arabs and Europeans for veterans

Almond and benefits of nutritional, therapeutic and most important what they said: The sweet almond purifies the chest and opens the Sudd, asthma, and purifies the lung, if taken with represented sugar and half of raisins dried cut a chronic cough, and keep on eating almonds Tasman and the reservation of power and serve as the kidneys and remove the heartburn

Urine and strengthen the members. If you eat almonds, further worked before maturity, it is inhabited in the mouth and gum pain and if you eat more sugar in the semen and easy Anhiamh either bitter almonds Wiesel blends heavy, asthma, bronchitis, breast tumors, lung, spleen, liver diseases and jaundice

Especially if taken with honey. Of bitter almonds and Galloway freckles and costs if cooking roots and put on the face and washing the head with water cook the roots removes lichen of the scalp, as well as benefit from the itching. But what modern medicine for almonds is soothing for the digestive system and Amada

D to prevent chronic cough, vomiting and dizziness is also used in the form of sweet almond paste with water as a moderator of the skin and skin care. Used the seeds of sweet almonds are still sand and urinary, however, that the amount of take three tablespoons between meals. To treat eczema, burns

And skin diseases almond oil paint and used oil also drops to the pain of the ear. The hemorrhoids funds will be used almond oil mixed with eggs, paint. Using paper with almond flowers to expel worms and urinary where taken from 15 grams of flowers and 30 grams of

Papers and boil for 5 minutes, then cooled and describes the drink .* Is there any harm from the use of almonds? Yes, there is damage to the bitter almonds in particular, should not be used only to consult the competent as the more than 10 pills may cause poisoning and even death in children and 60 tablets cause of death in adults with respect to either sweet almonds, there are no side effects.

I want to explain that nuts in general has many benefits as they contain many nutrients good and useful to the body, for example, the fruits of "almond" is a good source of protein, where each 100 grams of it on more than 19 grams of protein, and if we compare it with chicken, for example, the chicken contains 22% protein so Vallowes is one source of protein with it reduces to some amino acids but is included in the process of building the body and helps to grow, especially when groups of teenagers

And children, the elderly, who may not eat adequate amounts of protein.

- The "almond" is a good source of some of the basic elements for building bones, such as calcium which contains 100 grams more than 250 Mjerama of calcium and this percentage to maintain good bone health in adults and the elderly from the weakness of the fragility of the

Bone as well as recommended that the person deals with good amounts of almonds provides it with calcium and phosphorus, essential to the maintenance of bone growth and integrity of the vulnerability.

- The "almond" contains a good quantity of oil, which contains a good proportion of important vitamins for the body, such as vitamin "A" and "d" as well as vitamin "e" Vit E These vitamins are very important in reducing the oxidation of some of the basic components in the cell

You know where these vitamins and antioxidants, which is no doubt that antioxidants are characterized as related to cancer prevention as they get rid of the body from oxidizing substances that may harm the body and cause an activity to some cancer cells to the Consumption of quantities

Appropriate, "Almond" by 50 grams per stop almost daily contribute to the protection of the heart and arteries from atherosclerosis and heart disease different.

- As that "Luz" benefits, as it contains a good proportion of zinc, as this element is very important for growth and increase the body's immune, it also contributes to sexual maturity in the normal time and increases the height and maturity and there is this element in the "almond" Every 25 tablets containing to 1 mg and this focus is good to take advantage of this element.

It has been observed in some research that the element of magnesium associated with reduction of high pressure in the human, the "almond" may contribute to the reduction of hypertension, where it contributes and helps in dilatation of blood vessels as it contains the element magnesium, also noted that this element has a link in the reduce the incidence of muscle spasms resulting from defects in the work of nerves and nervous system and almonds as well as useful as it contributed to the reduction of anemia because it contains a good proportion of iron, this element is very important in building red blood cells.

Than previously shown the importance of consumption, "Almond" the human person and to health but should not be breeding him greatly because it contains a high percentage of oils and excess consumption of calories and thus lead to obesity and overweight are advised to eat 50 grams a day to take advantage of the almonds.

Nut known to Arabs since the old and normal, white and black types of

Walnut handles eczema and inflammation of the eyelid and leaves are anti-fungal and expelling the worms

And plant nuts myth in the West, said that when the gods who inhabit the earth were feeding walnuts hence the Latin name Juglans any nut of Jupiter.

Walnut tree planted in Europe since the Roman era for the fruit to fruition after three years of planting a big tree, giant and last more than a hundred years .. It was said that the original home of the walnut tree in the Asian continent, and was told that the fruit of the walnut was very valuable in the Middle Ages and considered of great food, especially in the days of winter.

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