Disease, varicose veins

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Disease, varicose veins

Wear socks throughout the day helps the veins of men and muscle blood flow more Vaalipozart studies that human beings are the only creatures who suffers from varicose veins, and every three people, there is one suffering from this disease. And the proportion of women infected women is twice that of men.
And varicose veins is a shallowness in the movement or lack thereof, in the part of the vein surface for the feet.
In the case of walk, we put pressure on the blood vessels in the soles of the feet, thus paying the way mechanical blood to the heart. At the same time, the shrinking abdominal legs plays the role of the pump to help the rise of the blood, and this process is not effective unless the circulatory system in good condition. The inner walls of the veins lined Bttiyat called valves or barriers to prevent the restriction of the blood and allow him to ascend to the highest degree to the heart.
In case the walls of veins complain of something wrong, these folds extend and barriers disappear, Vtantfaj veins and take the blue color gradually, and this process requires years, but can also appear in the stage of maturity. Hence the need must stop the process of the emergence of varicose veins since the first signal, ie, swelling of the feet. May require treatment and care by cosmetic only. But in other cases, complications occur and the painful symptoms of the person may increase the seriousness of the situation and a significant impact on other functions in the body.
- Some of the symptoms occur before the appearance of simple varicose veins include:
- A feeling of tingling (suit), weight, muscle strain or swelling at the bottom of the leg.
- Increased pain in the case of sitting or standing for a long time.
- Show clearly varicose veins under the skin of the leg.
- Change in color to gray ankle.
- Itching around the vein.
- The appearance of skin ulcers and the patient requires immediate attention in this case.
The arteries transport blood from the heart to the rest of the body tissues. The veins return blood from the body to the heart to re-send it again.
In order to send blood to the heart once again need the veins in man to work against gravity, and this occurs through the contraction of the muscles in the bottom of the legs, which serves as a pump to help the wall of the vein of Blood Transfusion. The valves open area to the flow of blood and prevent it from relapsing again.
Varicose veins occur when these valves fail to do its work efficiently. Veins and become non-flexible enough as to pass through our life and therefore where there is expansion and then the blood is heading back to the heart back again and accumulates in the veins and swelling and thus occur in the case of varicose veins.

Risk factors:
- There are factors that help the possibility of infection varicose veins, and these factors include:
- Age: the case of varicose veins occur between the ages of 30 to 70 years.
- Type: double the likelihood of hitting Ms. than men. As a result of hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, before the menstrual cycle and after the age of the end of the menstrual cycle where the female hormones that work to relax the wall of veins.
- Genes: infection varicose veins of genetic diseases, ie, that the injury of a family member in this situation increases the chances of injury of one of other individuals or future generations.
- Obesity: increased body weight is working on the pressure on the veins, which increases the chance of infection Baldoual.
- Stand for long periods: lead stand for long periods, have poor blood flow and thereby increase the chance of infection Baldoual.

When should I resort to the doctor:
There are simple actions can be taken to avoid the pain caused by varicose veins and can also avoid the worsening of the situation. But in the case of the worsening situation, or if you are concerned about the apparent form of varicose veins in the leg, you can resort to the doctor to try to remedy the situation.
The doctor examines the affected leg while standing Baldoual patient and examine the existence of inflation at them and see the quality of the pain felt by the patient.
The doctor also test the ultrasound to see if there is a possibility to configure the blocks blood in the leg.
Occur on rare occasions, painful ulcers near the varicose veins, especially on the ankle. Ulcers occur as a result of the accumulation of water for a long time on tissues as a result of increased blood pressure on the veins. They need prompt attention, and ulcer consult a doctor.
- Does not require treatment of varicose veins stay in the hospital or a long period of treatment.
- You need a simple case of injury to a mere simple treatment as well as some personal action that must be followed by the patient, such as: exercise, weight loss in the morbidly obese, do not wear tight clothes, lifting the legs and not to stand or sit for long periods.
- If the person did not respond to these actions and non-healing varicose veins can follow some other treatments, such as:
- Sclerotherapy: The doctor injects a vein by a small or medium varicose solution works to heal the vein. This process to close the affected vein and thus forcing the blood to change course through another vein.
- Ambulatory phlebectomy: a doctor through this process to remove small varicose vein in the patient through a very small hole in the skin. Topical anesthetic is used only in the desired location.
- Excision of a vein: This process involves the eradication of long vein through a small hole. The patient can exercise activities normally in less than two weeks.
Surgery - the telescope: the doctor resorted to this method only if the development of varicose veins and when you see the leg ulcers. The surgeon using a tiny camera is placed in the leg veins to see well, and is the work of a small hole in the leg, such as the previous methods.
- Laser Surgery: started a lot of doctors now use the laser in the treatment of the problem of varicose veins, which is the most affordable treatment.
There is no specific way to prevent infection varicose veins. But there are means by which to improve blood circulation to your muscles and therefore decrease the chance of infection Baldoual.
Ways to improve the blood circulation:
- Exercise: Walking and moving the football consistently is the best means to improve the blood circulation of the foot.
- Control body weight: body weight is working to increase the pressure on the veins and thus increase the likelihood of hitting veins Baldoual.
- The type of clothing: You should avoid wearing shoes with high heels. Low shoes help to move the leg muscles more. Also preferred not to wear tight clothing on the thighs or leg because this type of clothing reduce the smooth blood circulation.
- Raise the foot: to improve the blood circulation to the feet, you can lift your foot for 10 - 15 minutes three to four times a day. For instance, ← Lie on your back foot, and lift the four pads are high.
- Avoid long periods of sitting or standing: You must change the status of your standing or sitting all a short period in order to improve the flow of blood in the leg.

Personal Care:
Wear socks are the best means that you can try before the start of a means of treatment. Wear socks throughout the day helps the veins of men and muscle blood flow more effectively.
Varicose veins surgery:
In cases of venous basic disease, Valachtsasi advised to resort to surgery and given to the process name "Sterving" Striping any removal, retirement and the process to disarm intravenous patient followed a warning from local or general (as the case), and is the circulatory system is based on the veins remaining work routine.
General points:
Safeguard public health impact in the fight against varicose veins, here are some useful points for health and not re-specter of varicose veins Follow the following:
- Kavhi constipation eat in moderation and reduce salt, coffee, tea and others. If you feel constipated and eat Melina simple as oil or salt-boiling.
- In winter wear woolen clothes for Tmanai delay the movement of blood circulation in the lower member.
- Avoid sudden change in temperature Kaltdvip strong at home and the cold weather outside.
- If you live a profession that requires standing, and you are infected Baldoual, try to stretch for five minutes every hour and the other, lie on your back and legs up Put a pillow, and at night when Tkhaldin to sleep, put a pillow under your legs high.

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