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Vitamins were discovered after the inferred
Benefits are for organic materials chemical interest
Great to maintain body condition, health
Materials which are difficult to interpret the true sense.
Because of the emergence of vitamins in the world of nutrition to the period
Between the years 1820-1910 when it became clear to scientists that
Diseases beriberi and scurvy and rickets is only the disease
Generated from malnutrition from a lack of certain substances. The word
Vitamin brand launched in 1912, you name for this material
Membership includes the word vitamin two sections (FTAA) and
(Maine), and that word as a whole indicates that it Amines
Necessary for life. However, research and analysis has proven that the installation of
Vitamins no real end to the amines
However, several vitamins and other compounds to different code
Alphabet (a) A, (b) B, (c) C, (d) D, etc.. The
Aruban alphabet used to denote it because
Lack of knowledge of chemical structure at first. The
Studies of these vitamins aimed at one thing
Essential is to know these properties, and has been detected installation
Chemotherapy for these vitamins after putting these names Alphabet
The vitamins are divided into two groups
The first group of fat-soluble vitamins and include (a) A, (d) D, (e) E, (k) K.

The second group dissolved in water and include Vitamin (c) C and Vitamin family (b) B.

Despite the great progress made by science
In the research, the vitamins, there are some things that still
Vague and in need of detection and a statement as it has to be
New types of vitamins that you will discover so utilized
Including in the treatment of certain diseases.
What is the origin of vitamins?

The origin of vitamins vegetarian, but are found in members of the
Animal as it moves through the plant nutrition. Also
Vitamin (a) and (d) is created and consists in the liver of the whale as a result of food
Balaazaviat marine vegetation in the sea.
And modern science has made vitamins intensive
And miscellaneous manufactured in pharmaceutical those who do not have easy feeding
Of the nature of the absence of some plants that contain these elements
In their countries but who constantly fed by cluster
Basic food need not pay attention to them because vitamins
Pharmaceutical exist in the food adequate amounts of types
Vitamins needed by the body.
Vitamins Questions and answers Vitamins Q & A
What are vitamins?
What is the number of vitamins are available?
Where the word came vitamin vitamin?
What is the difference between bin vitamins that dissolve in water, water-soluble
And those that are fat-soluble fat-soluble?
Why is the importance of vitamins?
What is the lack of vitamins governor?
What is beta carotene?
Do you give vitamins energy?
Can vitamins replace the contents of other foods such as minerals?
Can vitamins cause weight gain?
What are vitamins?

Vitamins are substances found membership
In food and are essential for growth and tissue reconstruction
In order to do Alonsjpboziguetha properly.
What is the number of vitamins are available?
There are 13 Vitamena. In addition to a vitamin A and C, C, and D, and d
There are 8 e E vitamins belong to group B, a vitamin B
Thiamine thiamin (B 1 or B1), riboflavin riboflavin (B-2, B1),
Pyridoxine pyridoxine (B 6 or B6), Cianokubolamin cynocobalamin
(B 12 or B12), biotin biotin (H or H), folic acid folic acid
(B, C or Bc), niacin niacin (pp or PP) and acid Albantothin
pantothenic acid (B 5 or B5)
Where the word came vitamin vitamin?
After it has been the discovery that the food contains
Factors essential to maintaining good health, the world
American of Polish origin Casimir Funk Casimir Funk
Release naming Viaminac vitamins such factors.
The word is derived from two words to Atinettin vita
Means of life and a symbol of amine compounds that contain
Nitrogen. It was later discovered that not all
Vitamins containing Iouhin, but did not change the name due to the spread of use
What is the difference between bin vitamins that dissolve in water, water-soluble and those that are fat-soluble fat-soluble?
Vitamins are divided into two parts:
- Vitamins that dissolve in water and vitamin C and B complex (C and B complex)
- Vitamins that are fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K (A, D, E and K).
Vitamins that are fat-soluble
Stored in the tissues of the body. The soluble vitamins
In water (except for vitamin B 12) it can not be relatively
Stored in the body, and this must be compensated continuously
Why is the importance of vitamins?
Vitamins involved in chemical reactions
Vital that you convert food into energy. The
Vitamins essential for the continuation of the different functions of the body
And to build tissues ores. Without the vitamins can not continue
Human life. And vitamin deficiencies cause long-term ailments
Healthy as possible cause of death in severe cases.
What is beta carotene?
Beta carotene is a source of vitamin A (retinol retinol)
It is located in the food Alniati. It belongs to a family of vehicles
Called the name of carotenoids crotenoids, which gives
Orange and yellow-choice Goake and vegetables.
Is also present in green leafy vegetables with color
Dark green. Sometimes called beta-carotene
Name or a pro-vitamin proviatmin A (or pre-vitamin A)
Because it is converted to retinol retinol in the body. And is currently trying to
Research discovery and other functions of beta-carotene
Do you give vitamins energy?
Nope. But vitamins help in converting
Food into energy. It is not able to increase your ability
Physical address the additional quantities of vitamins.
The only exception to this is in the case of lack of vitamins
Mahgoub, for example, because of diet on an unbalanced,
And suffer from fatigue as a result, the intake
Additional vitamins to restore the balance of vitamins
Natural body, leading to an improvement in the estimated
Can vitamins replace the contents of other foods such as minerals?

Nope. Can not be replaced or the replacement of
Vitamins in any of the contents of other food. And vice versa
Correctly, can not replace or compensate for the contents of the
Other foods with vitamins
Can vitamins cause weight gain?

Nope. Vitamins do not contain prices
Heat. But the vitamins that you buy products
Market may contain a few calories in the layer
Sugar-coated. But the quantity is very small
Mineral salts Metal salts
For metals as far as the time of human life note
That the human body is composed of various elements of the metals
And semi-metals. So he is constantly in need of those elements
Necessary in order to prevent the situation needs only air and water
And food, which can make it from itself.
What are the benefits of mineral salts?
Keeping density of blood, secretions and fluids
Organization of chemical reactions in the body
To maintain the contents of the gastrointestinal tract from enteric fermentation and putrefaction
Help the body to build tissue from bones, teeth, cartilage and muscles
Giving the property of the fluid spread in the body and maintain pressure
Giving blood clotting property, if necessary
Composition of pigmented material in the blood (hemoglobin).
Providing the flexibility of tissues
And other characteristics that can not be limited to
In order to maintain the integrity of the body, Valcalseyoum
Phosphorus, magnesium, for example, are essential for bone formation
And dental benefits, except for various body. It also depends
In the composition of living cells of the muscles and tissues and cells
Red blood cells and others to the presence of iron and sulfur, and phosphorus ... etc..
The composition of body fluids and the interior of the presence of mineral salts
Soluble salts of sodium and potassium.
The muscles and the various members that do not lead
Functions perfectly, except in the case of amounts
Certain of these elements, research has shown physiological
That depriving the body of it totally deprived for a whole month, making
The inevitability of death, even if the body gets the nutrition from
All other elements. If the body of the campus dealt with a salt
In whole or in part, the body may bestow self that can help it Kahramanh
Of calcium for example, working on organic extract this element
Of bones and teeth, or humans to catch some of the symptom
This shortfall.
What is the most important of these salts?
These salts are the most important
Sodium Sodium
Component of sodium found in nature as compounds many
Of sodium chloride (salt) that this salt is a necessity
Necessities of life as it is a part of the article Albrootoblazema vital
In the cells of living organisms and that his presence is required in a certain amount
All internal fluids is vital to the continuation of life, even if dropped
The quantity necessary for the body or near-warning came calling to make up for this
Risk to provide the body for that item.
Because man loses part of it through secretions
Before the body has become imperative for compensation for what was lost through
Food containing salt or salt the same address that
Committed to the consumption of this article the extent necessary.
The salt found in nature Bmnagmeh Special
But it is also found in meat, fish, milk, vegetables,
In the salt content of bread, according to the methods used
In the making and requires an adult per day to about ten
Grams or more of salt, an amount may lose
Body secretions of race over the course of three hours to make
Hard work and effort under the sun, so it must
Attention to providing the necessary quantity of body and intake
While additional exposure to stressful work and hot weather
To recover the lost body because of these secretions containing
The article of salt.
What is the damage over eat salt?
Diabetes results in hardening and inflammation of the pancreas
(Ie, the gland that produces insulin to the extent necessary for the body
In order to maintain the amount of sugar in the blood and the burning
Over the need for the body). And inflammation and hardening of the pancreas
May be due to excessive intake of salt and sugar industry.
The injury early in the arteries (high blood pressure)
And premature aging caused by excessive salt and address many
Nutrition scientists believe that excessive salt intake
Occurs rigidity and inactivity as the brain, muscles and eyes
And the genital organs and other lose their flexibility and become vulnerable
Of calcification because of it.
Doctors are prevented patients from eating salt of the presence of
Sodium metal and it applies to the salt applied
On each article where this metal carbonate, such as CO
Sodium, sodium sulphate (laxative) salicylate
Sodium, and bread containing salt.
Potassium Potassium
Element potassium is essential for the nerves and heart
Muscles, arteries, and also has made a substantial contribution modified
Acids harmful to the body but too much can lead to
Harassment and harm caused by human need. The increase in
Address racial potassium and sodium may lead to a lack of
Other metal salts, which lacks the body.
In a nutshell, the element potassium is important
As a sodium salt that exists in the fluid
Various natural in the body as well as the element Potassium
Found in muscle cells and blood cells, and others.
Where is the element potassium?
Element potassium is present in various foods
Such as meat, milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits and grains.
The amount of sodium and potassium salts found in some
Food (mg per hundred grams):
Sodium potassium
Meat 50-110 325-400
White 130 100
Milk 20-50 110-150
Barley, 300 500
Wheat dry 30 460
Bannadorp 30 160
Squash 0 170
Beans nearly 40 750-1000
Appears from the table that poor vegetable sodium
And rich in potassium and more by virtue of the element potassium
Is the leek (Alberasia), as it contains up to 300 mg and
Carrots and spinach. Soak vegetables in water greatly reduces the
Nutritional value for the loss of salts and dissolution in water washing,
The cooking process may lose part of the element potassium
Which dissolves in the cooking water.
Therefore, we must reduce as much as possible the amount of
Water prepared for cooking, while not neglecting the broth, which contains
On a variety of dissolved salts and these salts when
Element potassium. For example, carrots, onions, turnips, potatoes,
Pumpkin, spinach loses 70% of the broccoli, peas,
Green beans lose 60% and maize, cabbage, cabbage,
Red beets, Bannadorp lose 50% The moderation is required
In all things.
The presence of sodium and potassium in the flesh varies
By the sex of the animal note that the guts of animals contain
On the amount of Ofer
Iron Iron
Iron are important elements in building
The human body is included in the composition of matter melanocytes
Red component of blood (hemoglobin hemoglobin)
Generator that transmits pH (oxygen) of the lung
Tissues of the body. Article oxygen is
Whereby the burning of food to generate heat needed
Of the body. The iron enters in the composition of all cells
The body and plays an important role in the growth and secretions and deficiency
In the body causing anemia.
What are the sources of food?
Iron salts are more types of vegetables
Kalpsal and Albandurp, legumes in particular, there are
Green leafy vegetables, spinach, parsley, celery,
Lettuce and the like, and is also found in fruits such as bananas
And apricots, grapes, figs, dates, seeds, almonds,
Coconut, meat, egg yolk and others.
It is worth mentioning that the body can benefit
Of iron found in onions, bananas, the rate of 90%
While not benefiting from the iron located in the material
Other food for more than 60%, it is noted that the orange
More efficient absorption of iron it is worth the injured
Anemia moving on to the orange with food containing
Iron to increase access to note that the Tea
The effect of orange reflectors (ie, reduces the absorption of iron).
Calcium Calcium
Calcium, a very important element Suffice it to say
That the building of bones and teeth depends on this element so
Valsgar they desperately needed to build bones and shows
Distortion in case of lack of growth for this component. The
Pregnant mother in dire need of an additional quantity of this
Element because the fetus derives nutrition from the mother and especially in
Late pregnancy and breastfeeding also
The lack of the body of this article cause necrosis
Curvature of the teeth and bones and rickets and the decline in the strength
Chnjha muscle pain and neurological and other things that affect the
To juniors and adults alike. On the other hand
, The presence of calcium in the blood essential to the process
Coagulation in the case of bleeding, because the calcium activates the yeast
, Known as the (Trumbin), a yeast
Coagulation in addition to the need for lime to the body's cells
To assist it to perform its functions fully
Especially the digestive system and circulatory system and its impact
A clear contraction of the heart muscles.

What are the sources?
Milk (which is in cheese Ofer), sardines (because it is eaten with bones).
Quantitative type of food calcium content (mg)
100 grams cheddar cheese 721
100 ml skimmed milk is 118
100 ml half fat milk, 122
100 ml skimmed milk 124
100 g cheese farms (Halloumi) 73
150 g yoghurt 160
100 g sardines (canned) 461
100 g spinach 160
100 g broccoli (green flower) 40
100 gm peanuts 61
30 g (slice) white bread 33
30 g (slice) bread flour 16 Full
100 gm onion cooked 45
100 g orange juice 10
What are the daily needs of calcium?
[] Category Quantity (mg / day)
800 children
Teenagers 1200
Women less than 40 in 1000
Women over 40 in 1500
Men less than 60 in 1000
Women and men over 60 year 1200
Pregnant women and lactating

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