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In the case of pneumothorax (chest holes) Pneumothorax, leaking air from the lungs to the pulmonary space located between Alblora (double pleura covering the lungs and lining the chest cavity).
Normally come in contact with these Algshaouan each other, there's no air between them. With the accumulation of air in the vacuum begins to put pressure on the lung. This may lead to a contraction of the lung and the occurrence of respiratory depression.
This situation can occur when an object - such as a knife or a broken rib - tearing down the outer surface of the lung or punctured lung. It is likely to occur on its own (pneumothorax automatic). Some people, especially those with swollen pneumonia or asthma, they have bags of air (called pulmonary blisters or bubbles), the size of large grapes on the outside of the lungs. If these bags were torn, the air escapes to the vacuum crystal, which causes a pneumothorax.

Almtzmon slim adults are more vulnerable to the thoracic Astruah automatic, and men are more vulnerable to infection than women. The automatic Alastruah may be complications of pulmonary emphysema, asthma, cystic fibrosis, or tuberculosis. If I was a fit of spontaneous pneumothorax, then you are at risk of significant injury for another.


Symptoms of pneumothorax spontaneous chest pain (usually on the side of the lung that occurred by the contraction or collapse) comes suddenly or shortness of breath worsened his condition with the passage of time.

Treatment Options

Diagnosis of pneumothorax is done by chest X-ray. There are situations slightly does not require treatment. They usually go away on its own. However, your doctor will be in the need to monitor your condition carefully to make sure that the size of the space filled with air outside the Ritk not swell and may need to give you an extra dose of oxygen to breathe.
If you are infected with a disease or disorder pulmonary another, even a small amount of air outside the lung may require the same treatment he needs more serious collapse of the lung. The doctor will get rid of any air that exists between Algshain by

Development of suction tube in your chest and pull the air out. If you have a repeated situation, your doctor may inject the pleura (Alblora) textured membrane irritation, making them stick together and then healed. In severe cases, may require surgery to remove torn region and welding of endothelial Alblora together.

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