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Scientists know: Patience key to the vagina

Scientists confirm today that patient is what he wants and patience key to relief.
Loay Mohammed: shown evidence to suggest that today, more people tend to wait to seek greater rewards rather than the reverse: Waiting for a short period compared to reward is smaller.

Experts claimed that they put their hands on a circuit in the human brain to tell the bearer deferral of access to satisfy an immediate desire to inhabited.

According to this research, the person unable to resist the tendency to get a modest reward for several months and even for several years if it meant a gain best for the future.

And the dissemination of this research in the medical journal monthly "Noron" and stated that the individual's decision to delay access to immediate reward based on the expectation of what will result in a rapid resolution of this or that.

"Jean Peters from the Department of Neural Systems at the University Medical Center in Hamburg, a reporter for the Daily Telegraph that" rewards people usually prefer a younger sister, but this situation is subject to change when the rewards are linked to greater delays. "

The Peters participating in research that "although there is no doubt reduce the value of the rewards of human beings with the passage of time in general but the individuals show the ability to postpone the satisfaction of their desires."

And participated in the research with Dr. Peters, Professor Christian Puccil where they measure the effectiveness of the brain to the shareholders in the experiment who were asked to choose between immediate rewards but they are small and rewards late but great.

Peters said: "Our results revealed that the perception that the neighborhood is doing for the future of the brain reduces impulsive choice."

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