Development of alternative fingers to the hands

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Development of alternative fingers to the hands

Been developed by the fingers of alternative functions fingers and deep in the hands.

Loay Mohammed: Eric Jones sat on a bench with an average during his trip from New York to Florida, but he did not doubt it. Instead, under the movements may be normal for others, such as taking a cup of coffee from the host or change the channel on the video screen.

The movements of this type have disappeared from the life of Jones when he cut off the fingers of his right hand with his thumb three years ago. But now he got on the fingers Brosttikip (artificial nerves of the body can move), and thanks can carry cans and bottles of water and even papers. Mr Jones, who lives with his family in the area Mamaronik New York that "pour a bottle of soda in the cup is perfectly normal for most people but for me it is a great achievement. I wear my fingers like a glove and then begin move them to grab things. It is wonderful to restore the ability to do this activities. "

Jones called the artificial fingers to "Pro Degetz" ProDigits They are made by the company "Touch Bioneks" in Livingston Biskutlanda. It can also alter the finger in the hand of any and all digital switches have a motor and a Fund for accelerated two small and under control on the movement mediated by computer chip inside the artificial hand.

Was down "Brodijets" commercial in December last, said Stuart Mead, CEO of "Touch Bioneks." Have been installed for nearly sixty people around the world, at the cost of the kit per 60 thousand dollars to 75 thousand dollars, including costs of training.

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